NVO (New Valve Order)test

NVO (New Valve Order) has been taking on all phono stages, tubed or solid state and has won virtually all battles! Hear it for yourself at SOS!

A Holiday Present for You – A New Product Line at SOS, Bricasti Designtest

We’re excited to bring to you Bricasti Design, which is “the world’s premier manufacturer of hand crafted, great sounding, easy to use, digital reverbs.”

They offer the M1 DAC (a digital to analog converter) and the M28 Amplifier (an exceptionally pure and precisely controlled reservoir of current).

We’re excited to bring you this line because of its remarkable and natural sound on the most demanding musical passages.

Please call us at 603-888-5104 for more information and for a demo. Happy Holidays!

Audiomica Laboratory Cablestest

The Best Audiophile Cables You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


We first came across Audiomica from a review in 6Moons. The review really impressed us so we asked for some samples and they truly surprised us in their performance. In fact they sounded better than anything else we had ever heard and they rest is history. These cables really allowed our reference system to shine. No sweetening or smoothing off the higher frequencies, no artificial bass lift, all the leading edges in the right place at the right time, truly excellent stuff. Then the biggest surprise came when we found out the price, Audiomica’s top of the line cables were less expensive than our previous reference cables.  


In addition to the many good cable companies, the HiFi cable and interconnect industry is full of performance claims and counter claims, hype, clever marketing and some would say smoke and mirrors. What struck us about the Audiomica cables is that they are plain musical and you forget about the equipment and want to just listen to music. 

There is a lot more insight and information on the philosophy and design techniques on the Audiomica website, click on the logo above to visit or call us for more information.