Tri-Art 5 Open speakers now playing at SOStest

Rated Impedance :  8 Ohm

Frequency range:  27 – 150’000 Hz (+/- 3dB)

Recommended Amplifier rating (tube amps):

  • 12 – 75 W at 8 Ohm

Recommended amplifier rating (SS amps):

  • 25 – 150 W at 8 Ohm

2 inputs :
Input 1 :

  • 20watts
  • 8″ full range 
  • 1″ fabric dome tweeter 13,000hz and up
  • Super Tweeter 18,000 to 150,000Hz

Input 2 :

  • Up to 150watts
  • 2 x 15″ woofer 

Optional crossover:

  • 2 inputs
  • 3 outputs (including a set .5 meter jumper cables with banana plugs)
    • Output 1 (full range)
      • 100watt Solen attenuator 
      • 47ohm resistor 
      • 100hrz single solen cap filter
    • Output 2 (bass)
      • Single open air inductor filter 100hz
    • Ouput 3 (subbass)
      • Single open air inductor filter 50hz 

Handcrafted in Canada
Experience a new level of sound staging with stunning depth of field and striking musical imagery!

Call and come by for a listen we think you will be mighty impressed!!!!!!!

Tri-Art Audio comes to Nashua!test

Tri-Art Audio Bamboo Audio Cable Stand Elevators

  • Isolates Cables from Surface Vibration
  • Solid Constraint Laminate Bamboo
  • Pack of 5 Stands ($66)

Tri-Art Audio Bamboo Diamonds

  • Solid Constrained Layer Bamboo
  • Hemp Oil and Beeswax Finish
  • 3 Brass Ball Bearing Feet
  • Environmental Room Tuners and Equipment Isolation Feet
  • Imparts Bamboo and Brass Voicing to Your System
  • Pack of 4 ($49)

More products to follow:

NVO SPA-One SE w/ outboard PS (updated version)test

New Valve Order (NVO) is a small firm in Cyprus, making world-class tube electronics by hand for the discerning audiophile. The man behind the company is Andreas Hadjiminas, whose lifelong passion has been tube amplification. Panikos Kontemeniotis is Andreas’ right-hand man, handling worldwide sales and communication and Sounds Of Silence is the US importer.

NVO’s phono preamps have already received many rave reviews, and now Andreas has introduced the SPA-One Special Edition (SE) with outboard power supply…..

Call for more information………

Bricasti Design’s new M25 amplifiers x 2 now playing in harmony at SOS!test

Bricasti Design has been producing High End audio gear for studio work for many, many years. Take a look on some of your LP and or CD credits and you will see that they have been mixed with Bricasti Reverb Equipment. Their digital reverberation processors are known around the world! Bricasti has been also making some High End gear for the 2 channel enthusiast. Equipment like their excellent M1 SE DSD / PCM DA Converter which was the first Dual Mono DA Converter that could decode any digital signal in the world! They also have made some of the best amplifiers like their acclaimed M28 Mono Block Power Amplifier.  

Bricasti has just introduced their new M25 dual-mono Stereo amplifier that is a “baby” M28 and is built from solid aluminum plates CNC’d on-site in Shirley, MA. Yes, the foundation of any great amplifier starts with the housing and the Bricasti M25 chassis is completely resonant free. The structure of the M25 (as all Bricasti amplifiers) is fully balanced from entrance to exit.

As for the sound of the Bricasti M25 it unfolds in a thunderous wall of sound with even the most difficult speaker loads. We at Sounds Of Silence use them to drive our Sanders 10e speakers which can dip down to a 1 ohm load but the Bricasti M25 doesn’t even hiccup.

Give SOS a call and come by for a listen.


“…When 25 years ago a young student of Engineering with an obsession for music and audio designed his very first turntable out of disappointment for the way LP’s sounded on the equipment available at the time, everyone thought that he was just a dreamer and nothing more.”

Gold Note now tells its story on the fresh “HERITAGE” page which you can find in the new drop down menu entitled “COMPANY” on their homepage. They traced back the evolution of the brand Gold Note based on its founders over 20 year long experience in the industry.
On the “ABOUT US” page you can meet the Gold Note team and discover everyone’s personal definition of Gold Note. For all of them, building this brand means living a certain lifestyle which they want to bring to the world with their products made in Tuscany.

Tradition and innovation are the main pillars of the Gold Note philosophy and determine every step of the design process. Being deeply rooted in the local artistic history of Tuscany, all products are special examples of the concept “Made in Italy”. In consequence Italian high-quality materials and local craftsmanship are a must for us. These are merged with continuous technological research and development and most of all a real passion for audio. The love of sound is what has always driven Maurizio and his talented team to create outstanding products for the contemporary audiophile.

Gold Note Mediterraneo turntable arriving soon!test

“Anyone hearing the Mediterraneo will agree it delivers sweet, sterling sound and exceptional value. Decidedly worthy of my highest recommendation and Writer’s Choice Award!”

— Dean Seislove

“What really hit me upon hearing this track was the immense sense of focus across the soundstage”

— Paul Rigby

Call us to arrange an audition.

9/2018 Bricasti M15 now powering Sanders 10e panels!test

Come have a listen….the Briacsti M15 is a very special amplifier. Come hear why so many recording engineers use this amplifier themselves.

Bricast’s M15 stereo power amplifier is 10.5 inches tall, 17 inches wide, and 18 inches deep. It weighs a very dense 90 pounds. Rated power 125Wpc into 8 ohms (but doesn’t clip until 175 watts), 250Wpc into 4 ohms, and 500Wpc into 2 ohms. Frequency response is 10hz-150kHz, within 0.5db; signal to noise is greater than 85db at full rated power. Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise is less than 0.005% 20hz-20kHz at full rated power into 8 and 4 ohms. The power topology is fully differential.

Gold Note PA-1175 in bridged mode (350 watts of power seen in background) powering Sanders woofers with ease!

Polish cables (Audiomica Labs) conquer China!test

One would like to say: “You praise someone you do not know your own.” Audiomica Laboratory received the “Product of the Year 2017” award in the interconnect category!
The cable called the Europa Ultra Reference M3 was awarded by the prestigious HiFi Review from Hong Kong. The importance of the distinction is even greater because, contrary to appearances, the local  
Finnish market is extremely demanding in relation to audio products. If someone did not know, the distinction for “Product of the Year” is not the first, and one of the next ones received by our domestic producer outside the country.

The award granted proves that Polish cables are loud not only in Poland, but also in the old continent, but also in Asia. Interestingly, the prize was awarded for the Europa Ultra Reference in the so-called Version 3 (Modification 0.3) present in the manufacturer’s permanent offer from 2015, while Audiomica has already announced the introduction of the next generation: M4 planned for 2018. It is worth following the actions of our home brand that uncompromisingly implements its corporate development concepts and slowly grows into the leading Polish exporter technical thought on a global scale.