Franco Serblin Ktêma Loudspeaker features:

  • Geometry: 4 ways 5 units. The two low frequency radiators are compression-loaded and room-interfaced at the lower part of the rear of the enclosure. Above the “fusion” frequency the mid-high cardioids radiators reproduce the significant part of the spectrum, at the top section of the front of the cabinet.
  • The cabinet: is a rigid, triple arch-shaped, structure. The two lateral front cheeks are concave, while the woofer compressor is convex.
  • The tweeter: is a well-established and time proven 28 mm soft-dome unit, created by Ragnar Lian, one of the greatest Danish masters of transducer design.
  • The midrange: array consists of two 4″ units in a step-compensated, baffle, in a cardioids acoustic-resistance configuration, for the most accurate reproduction of the musical perspective.
  • The woofers: are two 9″ metal cone, piston performance optimized units, in a compression-controlled and room-interfaced configuration.
  • The crossover: is a mutational variable slope, coherent spatial radiation design.
  • Frequency Response: 26Hz – 33Khz, in room
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm (minimum 3, 2 ohm at 70 Hz)
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB/W/m
  • Minimum power amplifier: 20W per channel
  • Dimensions: 42,5cm × 46cm × 111cm
  • Weight: 110 kg/pair (packed)
  • Finish: High gloss piano black, hand polished aluminum top & bottom
  • Semi-matte Sycamore, hand polished aluminum top & bottom

10/30/2023 New Franco Serblin Accordo Goldberg Speakers announced!

More info coming soon, stay tuned!

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