Keith Monks is Celebrating 50 years of the Record Cleaning Machine with the world’s first Threadless point suction cleaner.
Jonathan Monks, the son of the founder Keith Monks has a new threadless Record Cleaning Machine called the Prodigy that is available for sale. The Prodigy has successfully completed five months of beta testing and fine-tuning of production.

Available in early December at Sounds Of Silence…call for more details!

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4 thoughts on “Keith Monks releases new Prodigy Record Cleaning machine!

    1. Hi Alan. There are 3 different Prodigy machines. The “Original” that retails at $1295, a “Plus” unit that retails at $1495 and a “Blue” unit that retails at $1895. They all clean identical the difference is mainly in the motors where the Blue is the quietest followed by the Plus then the Original. The next difference is that both the Plus and Blue have a set and forget pressure suction system whereas the Original sometimes requires some adjustments. The sweet spot IMHO is the Plus Prodigy. Call me for “your” pricing. 🙂

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