Colibri Labstest

The company Colibri Labs has invested more than eight years in research and creating loudspeakers. We have called our latest and unique product Electrum, as a natural alloy of silver, copper and gold produced by deliberate amalgamation of components. Speaker boxes are made from carefully selected materials:  birch wood and madijapan ( MDF ) . The box is made with the help of numerology whereby a numerological sequence was obtained that forms coherence, harmony and strength. . We are extremely satisfied with the results because we have managed to create a speaker box that does not respond to external influences and have thus ensured that our speakers reproduce music without any distortion. We have revived our study sample with rosewood veneer and a pair weighs 102 kg. High-end components have been built in: Scan Speak speaker units, Duelund and Jupiter parts. For this product we have prepared a special internal wiring Colibri Labs Matrix Signature. Electrum is intended for all lovers of 2 way speakers who want to have an uncompromising speaker for all types of music. For the evening quiet or extremely loud listening, Electrum provides purity, perfect micro and macro dynamics and its own sound signature. Our wish is that, once you hear our sound, you are provided with a real musical experience which you will hardly be able to resist and will return to it continuously.

Electrum – lasting value.

Electrum Speaker in the making……  

Please call for an appointment and have a listen!

Sanders Sound Systemstest

The Absolute Sound’s 2016 Golden Ear Awards

Robert E. Greene

Sanders 10e Speaker System and Magtech Amplifier

$17,000, including one amplifier ($5500 for additional amplifier)

This latest version of Roger Sander’s longtime work on electrostatic speakers is a great triumph of audio design. The system is in many ways all but incomparably good, exploring the boundaries of what is possible in audio now or in the foreseeable future. And when one considers the reasonable price, the achievement becomes even more startling and impressive.
The speakers, electronic (DSP) crossover from DBX, and a Magtech amplifier are sold together as a unit for $17,000. Another amplifier is needed—the system is intrinsically bi-amplified—and if one adds in another Magtech, the complete system cost is $22,500.
For this, you get one of the most accurate home playback systems available at any price. Moreover, you get a system which includes digital room correction and a wide variety of DSP options that allow users to tailor response to room conditions and specific recordings.
This is a system which is both superb as it stands and highly flexible as well. The system is a hybrid of transmission-line dynamic woofer in the bass and a flat electrostatic panel above the bass. The electrostatic panel is very low in distortion—as one expects from electrostatics—but is also unexpectedly robust, and the speakers are capable of very high volume levels. Bass is very extended and precise and via DSP room correction (included with the crossover unit), extremely smooth and free of room effects. The electrostatic panels are essentially flat in overall balance and non-resonant by nature, but in addition they are eq’d to be ultra-flat using DSP. This is one of the lowest coloration speakers in existence.
The size and shape of the electrostatic panels minimizes floor and ceiling bounce, and the dipole radiation pattern of the panel and its width mean that one can all but eliminate early reflections off the sidewalls. The speakers’ direct output will be almost all you hear above the bass until the sound off the backwall arrives, delayed by 10 milliseconds or more with suitable positioning of the speakers. You will thus get effectively the sound—an ideal to my mind—of an RFZ (reflection-free zone) room without needing to build one. People accustomed to hearing their own room’s sonic signature laid over every recording may find this takes a little getting used to. But the advantages are very striking. Imaging is spectacularly precise and three-dimensional, when the recording justifies that. One has a sense of hearing into the recording venue that is hard to attain otherwise. And the ultra-neutrality really makes instruments sound right. On its own terms (of controlled radiation pattern), the Sanders 10e system sets a new benchmark in speaker design.

Bricasti Designtest

bricasti_logoThe M1 DAC: Dual Mono Masterpiece
The M1 digital to analog converter is a dual mono design; there are two completely isolated channels, each with its own dedicated linear power supply, D/A converter, DDS clocking, and analog circuitry. This design ensures that analog crosstalk is virtually nonexistent, that the necessary power requirements for each channel are well met and isolated from each other and the digital processing is isolated, having its own power supply. With our twin DAC design, the dynamic range for each channel is optimized by using the stereo ADI 1955 D/A converter in a mono configuration. The M1 also includes Bricasti’s own proprietary filter technology, further opening new territory with what is achievable in a modern D/A reference.

Product Highlights

DSD, DSD64 and DSD128 playback.

Features the latest generation asynchronous USB interface.

Dedicated dual mono design.

Highly acclaimed, proprietary filter technology.

Extremely low jitter @ 6 picoseconds.

Supports sample rates of up to 352.8kHz and 24 bits.

Minimum and linear phase filters.


veritas redListening the transient speed, the immediacy, the clarity of music reproduced with the details of everything played and the full emotion of the musicans transferred to the instruments. Take away all microscopic background noise and the music stands out further. Call it a black background, call it low noise floor, every detail serves only to enhance the music further. Add immediacy to the music to take you to a live reproduction. Close your eyes to get to the live performance with fast transients. How do you tell if the music is live or not? It is by the fast transients and the immediacy of the music, the bite of the horn, the sharp strike of the piano key.

Audio Purity That is the goal of every Merrill Audio component.

VERITAS Monoblock Power Amplifiers


VERITAS Monoblock Power Amplifiers will challenge any other Power amplifier with its implementation. Listen to it in comparison and you will the Speed, the details and accuracy unmatched, presentation most musical yet without harmonic distortion or smear. Accurate to the last detail.

Feel the power effortlessly drive your speakers, regardless of impedance and complexity.

Tap your toes uncontrollably to the splendour of music that seems live.

Feel the speed when the crack of the drum strikes your chest or the strike of the piano key that is so enjoyable..…

You will turn up the volume. Read on to see why…

The VERITAS Monoblock Power Amplifiers , based on the Hypex Ncore NC1200, uses the most responsive power supply, for the fastest transients with quiet, black background. A custom power cord was developed by Waveform Fidelity and included with the VERITAS Monoblocks. Isolation is provided in many ways, and on the chassis with the included Stillpoints Ultramini Risers.

At under 1/2 the admission price of the VERITAS amps comes the THOR Monoblocks are engineered to every detail. Starting with the trickle down Hypex Ncore technology in the UcD Modules, utilizing the finest components, Merrill Audio encases the design in a solid billet aircraft grade aluminum chassis design for isolation of components and to minimize microphonic vibrations. Ensuring every micro detail is kept, Merrill Audio THOR Mono Blocks delivers exceptional sound and value, precise staging in a superbly musical amplifier.

Audiomica Laboratory Cablestest

The Best Audiophile Cables You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


We first came across Audiomica from a review in 6Moons. The review really impressed us so we asked for some samples and they truly surprised us in their performance. In fact they sounded better than anything else we had ever heard and they rest is history. These cables really allowed our reference system to shine. No sweetening or smoothing off the higher frequencies, no artificial bass lift, all the leading edges in the right place at the right time, truly excellent stuff. Then the biggest surprise came when we found out the price, Audiomica’s top of the line cables were less expensive than our previous reference cables.  


In addition to the many good cable companies, the HiFi cable and interconnect industry is full of performance claims and counter claims, hype, clever marketing and some would say smoke and mirrors. What struck us about the Audiomica cables is that they are plain musical and you forget about the equipment and want to just listen to music. 

There is a lot more insight and information on the philosophy and design techniques on the Audiomica website, click on the logo above to visit or call us for more information.

Atma-Sphere Music Systemstest


Atma-Sphere music systems, Inc. is a small company in Saint Paul, MN that has been making world-class vacuum tube music amplifiers since 1976. THey are known for their unique approach to circuit design, resulting in multiple patents and the creation of the first, truly reliable Output TransformerLess (OTL) amplifiers. They made the first balanced-line products in the world of high-end audio, including the MP-1, which was the world’s first balanced-line preamp. All of the amps and preamps are hand-crafted and made-to-order according to each customer’s needs.

The M-60 Mk. 3.2 (below) continues the tradition of the M-60, which has been the subject of the Soundstage!.com Hall of Fame Award, The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award and Editor’s Choice, with numerous accolades in the press and on the web. The M-60 Mk. 3.2 gives you the features and precision performance of our larger models in a beautiful, 60-watt package.


Balanced Differential Design®
Class-A operation
Patented Circlotronic® direct-coupled (OTL) output stage
Automatic bias – no adjustment needed
Built in VU meter for tube and output monitoring
Easily monostrapped for greatly increased power
Standby switch for long output tube life
Uses only one gain stage for simplicity and clarity of sound
Proprietary precision components used throughout
Low-noise “star” grounding topology
Fully hand-wired point-to-point electronics – no circuit boards!
Stable with all input and load conditions
Exclusively uses Octal-Triode based vacuum tubes

Output Power
60 watts per channel into 8 Ω load
45 watts per channel into 4 Ω load
80 watts per channel into 16 Ω load

Input Impedance: 100 KΩ single-ended, 200 KΩ balanced
Output Impedance: ~4.1 Ω

3 V sensitivity ( for full output )
RCA and XLR true balanced input

Tube complement
( per channel ) 8 x 6AS7G output tube
4 x 6SN7 driver tube

20dB ( for 8 Ω )

Power Bandwidth
2Hz-75KHz within ½ dB

Frequency response
( 1 watt, open loop ) 20 Hz squarewave Tilt; unmeasureable
1Hz-200KHz within 3 dB

Audio Note Japan ( KONDO )test

Audio Note Japan (KONDO) strives for the utmost quality in their hand-built gear. Their dedication derives from a strong passion for things pure, simple and beautiful. This philosophy is followed closely from design to performance, providing a product that is both aesthetically simple and expresses sound with perfect beauty. Audio Note Japan is the apex of audio perfection and world renowned for their musical splendor.


Power Amplifier Product List

From the tube power to elect the direct heat triode characteristics and good sound quality, (OPT) has adopted the manufactured goods of its own sterling silver wound output transformer.Manufactured goods is also its film capacitor electrode and a silver foil were also net. Give effect to the chassis material quality is large, in order to obtain the quality of growth in the open, we use the traditional pure copper. The products are manufactured by engineers carefully arranged lines also skilled. Expand the sound field is quiet vast, dynamic expression, boasts a sound quality beyond the traditional clear tube amp.




In 1989, it is a glorious year of audio step has begun. 
ONGAKU was born in this year became the thing to attract audio fans all over the world immediately. 
Vacuum tube amplifier audio notes played a global expansion, has been praised in the magazine with such audio magazine, “The Absolute Sound” magazine “Hi-Fi Choice”, the eye tough choice.ONGAKU that are configured with a large vacuum tube 211 in particular, in the expressive power of music with its overwhelmingly rich, I was captivated by a quasi – audio fans around the world. 
Even now, without having to change its evaluation, ONGAKU spinning the magic of sound. 
Asked reputation in the audio notes, thus fame was built.

Various Original Parts


Silver wire-wound output transformer

In order to realize a transformer with a good performance at high impedance and say 12kΩ, has taken the structure of the winding multilayer division. Transformer has been wound by hand alignment of skilled technicians dish dish wire is sterling silver wire all of the original course. Is an important part to give moisture to the quality and dignity in a direct and clear with the 211. In addition, we produce in a special way, taking into consideration the high voltage to be used in, we proceed with the winding insulation grease.


Silver foil capacitor

Condenser is a film and an electrode of pure silver foil. May not have a structure subjected to anti-vibration of the foil, make muddy the sound up to large signal from weak signals. We produce all in-house to maintain high quality.


Original wiring material

All sterling silver wire wiring material. Special structure is covered with a sheath that is wound around the wire on the exterior with natural silk in order not to be in direct contact with the exterior of vinyl chloride also, holding the unwanted vibration of the wire.




Cut driver circuit 211 utilizing the characteristics of vacuum tube drive circuit specially designed to counteract the distortion and powerful, the 211 excellent linearity

– Silver wire output transformer to give moisture to the quality and dignity of 211 direct and clear in multilayer structure split-winding transformer to achieve good in the high impedance of 12kΩ

-Finish wiring materials and wiring, polite hand-sterling silver original was crafted in the highest quality line of skilled technicians arrange dish dish

– Pure copper chassis to get the sound quality of growth in the open



Basic configuration – 211 single stereo power amplifier

Rated output – 27W + 27W

Frequency characteristic – 8Hz ~ 21kHz (+0 dB,-3dB)

/ Input impedance – Lineage 4 (D, 1, 2, 3, TAPE) / 100kΩ

Output – Lineage 1 REC OUT, speaker (8Ω)

Use vacuum tube – 211 × 2, 6072 × 2, 5687 × 2, GZ34 × 4

Power consumption – 330W

(Not including protruding parts) Dimensions – 284mm (W) 240mm (H) 550mm (D)

Weight – 34kg



Is a power amplifier boasts a maximum output audio notes while taking advantage of the legendary circuit of ONGAKU. 
GAKUON-II with an output of 50W in Class-A operation, with a margin to drive low efficiency speakers also. 
Driven by a dedicated driver for each of the two output tubes, forming a sound field of the handlebars.



Silver wire-wound output transformer

Has taken the structure of the multilayer division of its own winding representation impossible to talk using only silver wire, with rich sound honest. Transformer has been wound by hand alignment of skilled technicians dish dish wire is sterling silver wire all of the original course. 
Is an important part to give moisture to the quality and dignity of the 211 with a straight and clear. 
In addition, we produce in a special way, taking into consideration the high voltage to be used in, we proceed with the winding insulation grease.


Silver foil capacitor

Condenser is a film and an electrode of pure silver foil. 
Coupling capacitor to seriously affect the quality of vacuum tube amplifier, was subjected to anti-vibration of the foil. Prevaricate without a large signal to noise from weak signals, and accurate music transmission is possible. 
We produce all in-house one by one in order to maintain high quality.


Original sterling silver wiring material

All sterling silver wire wiring material. Special structure is covered with a sheath that is wound around the wire on the exterior with natural silk in order not to be in direct contact with the exterior of vinyl chloride also, holding the unwanted vibration of the wire.




– Inherits the circuit of ONGAKU, boasts a maximum output power amplifier’s audio notes

– Driven by a dedicated driver for each of the two output tubes in parallel single-configuration.

– Recommended for those who want to enjoy a more dynamic sound quality of 211 in the direct sharp.

– Polite finish sterling silver hand-wiring materials and wiring, original

– Pure copper chassis to get the sound quality of growth in the open



Basic configuration – Parallel single-mono power amplifier 211 ー Lal

Rated output – 50W

Frequency characteristic – 10Hz ~ 20kHz (+0 dB,-3dB)

/ Input impedance – / 100kΩ a system

Output – Speaker (8Ω)

Use vacuum tube – 211 × 2, 6072 × 1, 5687 × 2, GZ34 × 4

Power consumption – 270W

(Not including protruding parts) Dimensions – 280mm (W) 242mm (H) 525mm (D)

Weight – 33kg



This is a stereo power amplifier to maximize the attractiveness of low-plump with a 2A3.



Silver wire-wound output transformer

Has taken the structure of the multilayer division of its own winding can not even express in any other silver wire with copper wire, with rich sound straightforward. Transformer has been wound by hand alignment of skilled technicians dish dish wire is sterling silver wire all of the original course.


Silver foil capacitor

Condenser is a film and an electrode of pure silver foil. Coupling capacitor to seriously affect the quality of vacuum tube amplifier, was subjected to anti-vibration of the foil. Prevaricate without a large signal to noise from weak signals, and accurate music transmission is possible. 
We produce all in-house one by one in order to maintain high quality.


Original sterling silver wiring material

All sterling silver wire wiring material. Exterior structure is covered with a sheath wrapped around the wire on it in the natural silk in order not to be in direct contact with the exterior of vinyl chloride also, holding the unwanted vibration of the wire.



– New low-frequency drive circuit draw of a plump growth of 2A3

– Circuit board with high-grade sterling silver hand-wiring materials and wiring, original

– Single parallel configuration, both the quality and power

– Pure copper chassis to achieve an open sound



Basic configuration – Parallel single-2A3 stereo power amplifier

Rated output – 8W + 8W

Frequency characteristic – 8Hz ~ 35kHz (+0 dB,-3dB)

/ Input impedance – / 100kΩ a system

Output – (Select an 8Ω 4Ω or at the factory) speaker

Use vacuum tube – 2A3 × 4, 6072 × 2, 12BH7 × 2, 5U4GB × 1

Power consumption – 140W

(Not including protruding parts) Dimensions – 430mm (W) 233mm (H) 314mm (D)

Weight – 34kg



As the most important equipment for playing records, has been working on the commercialization of the preamplifier From its inception, audio notes. 
Additional functions such as the tone control is not remembering, anything that can cause degradation of sound quality is the transmission path has been configured with a simple to eliminate as much as possible. 
Give effect to the chassis material quality is large, in order to obtain the quality of growth in the open, we use the traditional pure copper in the preamp.


M1000 MkII

Flagship preamp audio notes. 
Can be independent and separate amplification unit into the chassis power supply circuit, has eliminated to limit the impact of the leakage magnetic flux generated from the power transformer, etc.. Provided a dedicated power transformer (optional) to each line amplifier, Fonoanpu, we have further isolated the power supply circuit of the left and right. In addition, the low impedance smoothing circuit that is configured with audio grade oil capacitor and double choke has to make your music playback with a growth in the clear.


– Paid to the chassis power supply unit to another unit and amplifier, to limit the impact of the leakage magnetic flux exclusion

– Phono and Line Module
realize the goodness of the hand while maintaining the wiring, ideal component placement, wiring route, the ground layout

– Is low impedance smoothing circuit that is configured with audio grade oil capacitor and double choke, reproduce the sound with a sleek presence and growth

– Adopt a cap-less resistance attenuator switching high-quality sound.

– phono board is optional specifications




/ Input impedancePHONO (when equipped with PHONO unit)
 system RCA 1 / 50kΩ LINE (unbalanced)  / 100kΩ system three RCA  / XLR 1 100kΩ system

OutputLINE (unbalanced)
 RCA 2 line 
 system an XLR LOW PASS  system 1 RCA, fc = 80Hz, -12dB/oct

Use vacuum tube – 6072 × 4 (time unit is equipped with PHONO 8), 6CA4 × 2

Power consumption – 46W (when unit is equipped with PHONO 68W)

(Not including protruding parts) Dimensions – 320mm (W) 160mm (H) 405mm (D) × 2

WeightMain unit 14kg, (when unit is equipped with PHONO 15.5kg) 
21kg power supply unit



Adopt a low-impedance power-supply circuit that is configured double power transformer, filter choke, by audio grade oil capacitor. Line CR type phono equalizer and non-feedback amplifier, the sound field to reproduce the spontaneous and natural only. 
Chassis structure consists of two boxes that are two minutes left and right inside the chassis. By placing the power supply unit independently to the left, has eliminated the influence of the magnetic flux leakage, etc. give the amplification section.

Built to last a lifetime, the KSL-M77 preamplifier is sure to become a classic.  The KSL-M77 has especially been designed and engineered to achieve solid low frequencies and clarity in sound.

A record contains amazingly huge amounts of information, the existence of which are not discovered through conventional combinations of resistors and capacitors, wiring method, and power supply circuit. The M77 phono stage (MM) has proven to have tremendously high resolution properties to present all this information, musically.

The KSL-M77 has handmade silver foil coupling capacitors and resistors, and a single chassis comprised of two separate chambers. The M77 has been developed from the famous M10, and follows on from the M100.


– Low-impedance power-supply circuit that is configured with double power transformer oil capacitor, choke filter, and audio grade

– Reproduce the sound quality relaxed and non-feedback amplifier with a line type phono equalizer CR, in the natural

– Polite finish sterling silver hand-wiring materials and wiring, original

– Adopt high-quality sound attenuator switching resistance



/ Input impedancePHONO  RCA system 1 / 50kΩ LINE  lineage 4 RCA (CD, LINE1, LINE2, LINE3) / 100kΩ

OutputLINE 2 RCA system

Use vacuum tube – 6072 × 8, 6X4 × 1

(Not including protruding parts) Dimensions – 406mm (W) 160mm (H) 287mm (D)

Weight – 17kg



Preamplifier “G-70” vacuum tube that connects to the next generation

Effectively deploy the parts were selected aiming to balance the sound from the old to make specs and modern, repeat the audition over an enormous amount of time. 
Newly developed heater circuit considering the influence power circuit, short signal path with no waste, to a reasonable sound quality and powerful. 
Preamplifier charm of the sound is not only fully draw the vacuum tube amplifier, also in connection with the transistor amplifier is now complete.

The Kondo G-70 is Kondo’s most affordable preamplifier yet.  Now more music lovers can experience the Kondo quality.  Launched in Dec 2010.

 • High quality handcrafting with module style line amplifier section, best
component placements, signal wiring and ground layout.

700uF huge reservoir by combining 3 types of capacitor in individual
left and right channel. Delivering natural, stress-free music over the
whole frequency band.

Tonal quality is enhanced with the newly developed DC heater
circuit. It offers ultra-low impedance and supreme ripple rejection
against voltage fluctuations.

Tremendous hours of listening and comparisons were spent for the
selections of each resistor and capacitor.


– Both the short path wave printed circuit board while inheriting the goodness of the hand wiring by modular

– Clearly separates the power supply circuit and decoupling capacitors filter ripple, constituting the powerful power

– Group three decoupling capacitors, that are configured with a total of 700μF capacitor while holding the habit of each, contributing to a good tone temperament

– DC heater circuit employs a transistor ignition parts were selected bridge diode CR repeat the audition, large TO-3 type



Preamplifier is the core of the audio system, since it is a component determining the “disposition” of the sound, it is important to pursue a sophisticated tone on that clear enough specs modern

Direct plate method follower circuit, the cathode follower. Ensure a sense of freshness and direct sound and the low output impedance. Employs a 6072 tube.

– Minimize the loop signal by modularity and decoupling capacitors of the line amplifier.

Parts adopt high quality superimposed the audition, SSW (Silk Silver wire), silver foil capacitor, and original power transformer. Copper chassis.

– New development to test the effects give the sound the heater circuit.

– Aiming for a good and familiar tone pure tone rather than ornate, like spring water.



And realize the goodness of hand-wiring, the shortness of the route of the waves by the modularization of the printed circuit board line amplifier part. 
It also has to minimize the signal loop placed in the independent left and right decoupling capacitor near the line amplifier module. 
Connection with the consideration of transistor amplifier, impedance 1kΩ output, 20Hz cut-off frequency has (at load 20kΩ).


High-grade volume, copper chassis, pure silver foil capacitors, electrolytic capacitors original, sterling silver lead resistance, wiring material SSW, ultra-high-quality parts are adopted KSL-VzII (sterling silver wire shield), the original RCA jack, such as the original power transformer. Three types metal film resistors, wirewound type of enamel. Capacitors are five types of block type and tubular type aluminum electrolytic capacitors pure silver foil, polypropylene capacitors, ceramic capacitors. Effectively presented on the CR were carefully selected parts.


Rectifier tube adopts a 6X4. The original power transformer repeated audition, and that the appropriate damping treatment have been made. You have configured the power supply unit by performing powerful circuit design clearly separates (700μF/ch about) and a decoupling capacitor (400μF) ripple filter capacitor, the design implementation. Decoupling capacitors while holding the habit of each capacitor (600 +100 +0.47 μF / ch), has contributed to the tone of good temperament are composed of three types of capacitors. 
Various test results, heating circuit to guarantee the stability of the DC ignition voltage variations and the ability to remove a powerful ripple adopted a circuit using a transistor TO-3 type. And low impedance design with DC line, achieve a high purity quality. In addition to achieve sound, strong and vigorous adoption of CR diode bridge parts were selected to audition repeated, large.


/ Input impedanceLINE (unbalanced)  / 100kΩ system RCA 4

OutputLINE (unbalanced)  RCA 2 system

Use vacuum tube – 6072 × 2, 6X4 × 1

Frequency characteristic – 4Hz ~ 240kHz (+0 dB-3dB, when the load 100kΩ)

Distortion – 0.07% (1kHz, 1V)

Residual noise – 0.11mV

Gain – 25dB

Power consumption – 21W

(Not including protruding parts) Dimensions – 333mm (W) 160mm (H) 438mm (D)

Weight – 17.5kg



Simple and high-quality sound. 
Small high-end audio system also convince music lovers.



“Overture” opens the door to high-end audio

Integrated amplifier aimed at small systems serving also accept music lovers. 
High quality, high-quality well-balanced tone and delicate simple dynamic.


In the high-end audio system prone to large-scale, As you can also accept music lovers, to develop a simple and high-quality integrated amplifier.

The output tube to ensure the output of more than 30W adopted (our first) EL34, also assumes the use of low-efficiency speakers in the sphere of pentode inscription. Corresponding to the output 8Ω and 4Ω.

– In order to balance a high-dimensional dynamic and delicate tone of the EL34, a new design re-examine the push-pull circuit of the amplifier circuit inscription of the past and repeated deliberation from a new perspective.

– Sufficient to meet modern specifications, aiming for high-quality well-balanced tone.



Directly connected to the driver circuit and the stage – the first stage, the coupling of the output stage employs a pure silver foil capacitor. Moreover, to the low impedance of the entire circuit, realize the direct sound. Was adopted in the output stage, CCB newly developed circuit (constant current bias), prevents the music signal flowing into the VR bias adjustment, which enables signal transmission of high purity. That the transformer output connection and UL, only the amount reduced to 3dB NFB, has been achieved by a sense of dynamic and low distortion. In addition, by making the circuit unit, enabling a minimum of wiring.


High quality parts group superimposed audition. 50-inch high-quality volume, lead resistance sterling silver, pure silver foil capacitor SSW (Silk Silver wire), KSL-Vz Ⅱ (shielded wire), custom output transformer and power transformer manufactured by ISO. Are effectively presented on the CR were carefully selected parts.


By the choke coil and a large capacity capacitor group, as Integrated amplifier circuit has an unusual large-scale power. Moreover, the ripple filter is equipped with a decoupling capacitor in the independent left and right of each stage separately. The first has a large capacity and about 500μF/ch In particular, the improvement of channel separation was achieved with a clear tone to the lowest frequencies.


Method – EL34 Push-Pull Integrated Amplifier

Rated output – 32W + 32W @ 1kHz, 1% THD

Frequency characteristic – 6Hz ~ 140kHz (+0 dB-3dB @ 1W)

/ Input impedanceLINE (unbalanced)  / 100kΩ system RCA 4

Output impedance – 4Ω, 8Ω

Residual noise – Less than 0.5mV

Use vacuum tube – EL34 × 4, 12BH7 × 2, 6072 × 2

Power consumption – 180W

(Not including protruding parts) Dimensions – 438mm (W) 201mm (H) 409mm (D)

Weight – 20.5kg



D / A conversion by the converter with sample rate, and low jitter crystal clock generator master, does not depend on the accuracy of the transport is now possible. 
Convincing us that music should be played by KSL-DAC, the sound quality is beyond the level of “good” digital “analog is better.”


Sample rate converter 
of all the input digital signal is converted to a signal of fs = 96kHz, 24bit sample rate converter. Produces a low-jitter digital signal at this time, high-speed, high precision arithmetic is performed under the control of high-precision master clock, which is separated from the input signal, low-distortion.

Vacuum tube output circuit 
first, and then cut the ultra-high frequency noise from the digital circuit in a passive lowpass filter. Then, unnecessary high frequency noise will be cut by two active lowpass filter vacuum tube. Silver foil capacitor, such as wiring material is made ​​of sterling silver company, KSL-DAC technology made ​​by KSL is committed to high quality music playback.

Heavyweight power circuit 
configurations 2 power transformer. Power rectifier tube also adopted for digital

– Silver foil capacitor, such as sterling silver wiring material is all in-house using the original product

– Manufacturing line arrangements skilled technicians dish dish



Digital input – COAX (RCA) 16 ~ 24bit 32 ~ 96kHz

Audio output – Unbalanced (RCA) 1.8V

Outline – 285W × 160H × 430D

Use vacuum tube – 5687 × 2, 12AT7/ECC81 × 2, 6CA4/EZ81 × 3



Cartridge “IO-M” has evolved further

Their sound is described as “awaken the soul of the artist who carved the groove sound” is the natural sound itself is straightforward. Magnetoresistance decreases by increasing the thickness of the yoke of the magnetic circuit, out of the goodness of that much difference. High-resolution playback improvements in resonant mode of vibration system, well-balanced over the entire band is now possible.


– New magnetic circuit design to maximize the ability of high performance alnico magnet

– Body adopt a super-hard aluminum alloy cantilever special structure, machined aluminum

– Adopted a sterling silver pin output, also lead leaders, fully realize the transmission path of silver in the cartridge



Power generation method – Moving coil type

Output voltage – 0.12mV (1kHz, 5cm/sec)

Channel balance – Within 1dB (1kHz)

Separation – More than 25dB (1kHz)

Internal impedance – 1Ω

Compliance6.0 × 10 -6 cm / Dyne

Proper needle pressure – 1.5 ~ 1.8g

Weight – 11g



Silver is said to be the first node from Houma trend in “trans-old” that it overturned the stereotype, MC transformer of audio notes, has been built up in the care of materials, meticulous best. 
Attitude of commitment to sound rich and natural sound, while expressing the nuances of fine surprisingly, the entire music will evoke a rich harmony.


Meet more than 30 years, was achieved analog sound view of life is full of profound than the expectations of the analog evolved into the fan disk “KSL-SFz”


KSL sterling silver-winding transformer 
winding structure by the careful consideration, has a 1.5dB peak of up to 100kHz without terminating resistor

Custom-made ultra-thin permalloy core 
using the high quality ultra-thin permalloy core large, suppressing the eddy current loss, hysteresis loss 
in the core of the shape combine the wide cross-sectional area and a short path length, low distortion, ensuring ultra-wideband

– Tell without the full power of the MC cartridge drawer and thoroughly the feelings of artists

– Polite finish wiring by hand



The primary-side impedance – 1Ω, 3Ω, 40Ω

The secondary side impedance – 4kΩ

Step-up ratio – 36dB (1Ω), 30dB (3Ω), 20dB (40Ω)

Load impedance – 47kΩ is recommended

(Not including protruding parts) Dimensions – 114mm (W) 150mm (H) 175mm (D)

Weight – 3.2kg



Functional beauty was born from necessity uncompromising. 
In order to realize the best analog sound we aim, we have completed a long development period fart.


Turntable System “GINGA” of excellence.

Functional beauty was born from necessity uncompromising. 
To achieve beautiful and vibrant sound to a dignified space.


– Heavyweight platter-based and multi-element using the material effectively five

– Smooth rotation with no knot in the yarn due to low vibration

– Thick and large rotor spindle bearing φ25 finished in ultra-high-precision

– Special long-term stable operation by the inclusion oil

– Large 4-pole synchronous motor unit was stuck to the sound quality

– Driving power and low distortion without using a phase-advancing capacitor, the oscillation circuit of 2ch

– Correcting the warp of the disk by using a spacer and stabilizer ring

– Tone arm using special ordered to the UK SME companies, the arm wire silver wire (Kondo-312)



Analog to digital disk even though the source is now mainstream, valuable recording many are left, the start to develop, GINGA is aware of the following must be considered high-quality playback equipment than ever before has been designed to.

– Rigid type and weight class in order to obtain the direct sound and stable sound image

– To avoid compromising the “sense of dynamism of sound” even though it is a heavyweight

The platter is required for smooth braking rotation and to some extent 
(the ideal state is balanced rotation of the motor torque and braking force)

– Adopted the synchronous motor drive and thread to get the honest sound quality

– Driven by the motor power ideal, also makes it possible to adjust the speed



Base portion is a result of repeated many times to audition, we used five effective material aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper chromium, acrylic. 
Platter unit, the internal tapered shape, arranged on the outer circumference bottom stainless steel screw tuning has been kept a “bell-vibration”. In addition to the main material of aluminum, has been eliminated by the proper tone platter mat stainless steel and glass materials.



The GINGA is equipped with a bearing very luxurious. 
Configure the carbide ball bearing bearing, rotor spindle by placing a large visceral further hardened steel of 8mm thick on top of the center pole of Φ25. In addition, by increasing the fulcrum has brought a more stable operation of the platter. 
Spindle pole and the rotor center is located in ultra-high precision machining to finish one pair of suit. 
Contact area of ball bearings and hardened steel, which is filled with special oil-tested, enabling a stable operation for many years without any oil leakage.



Adopt a 4-pole synchronous motor large commitment to quality. Has been achieved low noise, low vibration double floating structure inside and outside the housing and housing, of metal shaving. 
We also pursue the ideal motor power circuit. SIN and COS waves generated by wave oscillation circuit CR, after amplification in 2-channel high power amplifier, have produced a very low distortion power has been boosted at each transformer. Phase-advancing capacitor is no longer required therefore. 
In addition, the control voltage of the main coil and the secondary coil of the motor and enables independence was achieved optimization of the motor drive voltage is like the smallest vibration. 
Be equipped with a tension pulley, multiplied by the appropriate long-term stable yarn tension is now available.



Machine drive in order to solve the problem of yarn was from the traditional “knot of yarn”, has developed a new circle of yarn without knots. 
You can correct the warping of the disk by using a spacer ring and stabilizer. (Disk or disk warping is severe weight class may be difficult correction.)



Special order to the UK SME companies. Equipped with a (Kondo-312) tone arm and screw material changes have been made (using the AN-AI of our products) over silver wire to wire-based arm of the SME-312.



Kind – Turntable drive system thread method

Motor – 4-pole synchronous motor

Arm with – (Cartridge not included) Kondo-312

(Not including protruding parts) DimensionsTurntable unit 460mm (W) 210mm (H) 395mm (D), 
motor unit 210mm (W) 150mm (H) 365mm (D)

WeightTurntable unit 46kg (28kg + platter-based 18kg), 
16kg motor unit

Power consumption – 36W




Sound of silver, warmer than any sound, you will see the full representation of music into sharp breath. 
In the audio notes, carefully, we have adopted to reproduce the music evolved more sophisticated silver. More than 20 years of know-how is a range of silver refining, manufacturing method, until the structure. In addition to the pursuit of material, by special technology – KSL, and then expressing the excellent music. Cable “AN-Vz” “AN-SPz silver wire was great reputation around the world from the audio fan” is, by KSL “technology has evolved further as KSL-LP” “KSL-SPz”. Space to reproduce the rich aroma of wine is dense, such as improved fundamentally and direction of the wire with the habit, mature. Rich bass sound gives a sense of stability to the music, a sense of low midrange distortion is represented beautifully the strings and space.



Basic structure – Sterling silver wire line cable, 4-conductor braided shield

Core structureφ0.1 × 52 × 2 (Volume silk) 
× 20 × 2 φ0.15 (winding silk)

Terminal – Adopt a standard RCA audio plug made of notes

LengthMore than 1m, can be produced in units of 10cm 
(standard stock: 1m, 1.5m, 2m)

* This specification is intended for all Japan.





Basic structure – Sterling silver wire line cable, 4-conductor braided shield

Core structureφ0.1 × 32 × 2 (Volume silk) 
φ0.15 × 2 × twelve (winding silk)

Terminal – Adopt a standard RCA audio plug made of notes

LengthMore than 1m, can be produced in units of 10cm 
(standard stock: 1m, 1.5m, 2m)

* This specification is intended for all Japan.





Basic structure – Sterling silver wire speaker cable, 8-conductor braided shield

Core structure – φ0.2 × 10 × 8

Terminal – sterling silver as a standard feature of φ2 terminal

Length – More than 1m, 10cm can be produced in units

* This specification is intended for all Japan.






Basic structure – PCOCC Speaker Cable, 8-conductor braided shield

Core structure – φ0.2 × 10 × 8

Terminal – sterling silver as a standard feature of φ2 terminal

Length – More than 1m, 10cm can be produced in units

* This specification is intended for all Japan.

This is the only oxygen free copper speaker cable in the Kondo line, and this is also the only copper cable using KSL technology developed to remove the “sound roughness” which arises generally from the lower grade digital sound in the system like home theatre, for example.

The heavily decoded signals from home theatre surround sound decoder and receivers usually comes with very unpleasant edginess and ear scratching sharpness, our KSL-SPc can greatly improve and transform this into a smooth and musical sound.

 Of course, it will be a great cable as well for audio only applications, especially where the source is primarily digital.




KSL-SPc Dual


Basic structure – PCOCC speaker cable strands 2 KSL-SPc

Terminal – sterling silver as a standard feature of φ2 terminal

Length – More than 1m, 10cm can be produced in units

* This specification is intended for all Japan.


New Valve Order Audiotest

NVO Audio has always been in pursuit of audio perfection. Since high school, founder Andreas Hadjiminas could never settle with an audio system component that was satisfactory. Through ingenuity and perseverance he would find a way to perfect the unit, creating a work of art beyond expectation.

His strict standards are clearly carried through with the release of NVO Audio’s first product, the SPA-II Phono preamp. Delivering exceptional quality, each unit is tested and tuned according to the prototype to ensure that the final product is nothing short of perfection. Able to bring out the best qualities of any audio system, the SPA-II Phono preamp will demonstrate the impact that NVO Audio will have in the high-end audio industry.

The layout of the SPA-II is really nice, with a front panel switch that allows you to select between circuits optimized for moving-magnet (MM) cartridges or moving-coil (MC) cartridges, a mono switch, and a power switch. Out back there are both RCA and balanced Neutrik inputs, RCA outputs, a grounding post, and two umbilical connectors that connect the main chassis to the outboard power supply.

For More Info Click HERE


One of the nice things about the SPA-II having switch selectable circuits for both MM and MC cartridges, is you don’t have to worry about buying a separate step-up transformer plus an extra pair of interconnects for it to use with a MC cartridge, like you do with the Leben RS-30EQ I use as a reference. When you add up the costs of the Leben RS-30EQ phono equalizer ($2695 USD) with an Auditorium 23 step-up transformer ($995 USD), along with an extra pair of Acoustic Revive Single Core RCA interconnects ($1295 USD) necessitated by the step-up tranny, you end up with a total of $4985 USD, or $385 USD more than the NVO SPA-II asking price of $4600. From a cost standpoint I think the NVO SPA-II is a bargain for what you get.

Ok, so for this review, I worked on optimizing my Hi-Fi rig’s components & setup around the SPA-II to get what I thought was the best performance out of it according to my tastes. The best balance of performance on the musical content of recordings (timbre, melody, harmony, rhythm, etc.) and recording artifacts (soundstage, imaging, transparency, sense of recorded space, etc.) resulted from the following complement of equipment: an EMT TSD-15 moving coil phonograph cartridge mounted on VPI’s 30th Anniversary Classic 1 turntable, Sablon Audio Panatela interconnects connecting the VPI to the New Valve Order SPA-II phono preamplifier, Acoustic Revive Single Core interconnects connecting the SPA-II to the Leben RS100 line preamplifier, Tom Evans Audio Design interconnects connecting the Leben RS100 to the Sophia Electric 91-01 300B mono amplifiers using Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B carbon plate vacuum tubes (which Sophia Electric was so kind as to allow me to keep as an ongoing reference after the review), a bi-wire pair of Auditorium 23 speaker cables connecting the 91-01 amps to my Tannoy Westminster Royal Special Edition loudspeakers. As for power cords, I plugged the SPA-II into the wall directly with an Acoustic Revive Power Reference power cord, a Sablon Audio Gran Corona (review to come) connected my VPI Classic 1 to an Acoustic Revive RPT-4 Ultimate Power Distributor, a Sablon Audio Robusto connected the Leben RS100 preamp to the RPT-4, which itself was plugged into the wall with another Robusto. The Sophia Electric 91-01 300B mono amplifiers were plugged directly into the wall courtesy of a pair of Sablon Audio Robusto power cords.

The reason I went into that in detail about associated equipment for this review is because I wanted to highlight that choices of associated equipment matters: you generally can’t just drop a piece of equipment into your system and expect to get the best out of it. Certain combinations of associated equipment brings out the best in one piece of kit, but not necessarily another. So what gets the best out of the SPA-II in my system (above) isn’t necessarily the same mix of gear that gets the best out of the Leben RS-30EQ phono equalizer. For the Leben RS-30EQ optimization involves adding the Auditorium 23 step-up transformer (because the Leben doesn’t have a separate MC stage), and another pair of Acoustic Revive Single Core RCA interconnects to connect to the A23. The Leben RS-30EQ really likes the Robusto power cord over the Acoustic Revive that I used with the SPA-II, and it likes the Acoustic Revive Single Core bi-wire speaker cables as well.

That makes it a little tricky when comparing an optimized setup for a SPA-II to an optimized setup for a Leben RS-30EQ, because they’re different, but if you don’t do that it’s truly an injustice for the manufacturers’ of the components being reviewed or compared. I’ll do my best to summarize the differences in what I’m hearing for you so you can get a comparative idea where things are when both are running in a top state of tune.


– dual mono power supply
– power supply in separate box
– four tube supply regulators
– four heater regulators
– 22 tubes
– combined active and passive RIAA equalization
– precision components in RIAA network
– designed with circuit simulation software
– wide frequency response: 20Hz – 200kHz
– two 6C45Pi per channel input stage for low noise
– two-stage RIAA implementation amplifier
– low impedance cathode follower output



Kuzma Turntables and Tonearms

Kuzma Stabi XL
Slovenia-based Kuzma Ltd. is a respected turntable and tonearm manufacturer. Kuzma tables run the gamut (four turntables, three tonearms) from the $25,780 – $30,395 Kuzma Stabi XL variations down to the $2,156 Stabi S table. Kuzma now also offers 4 MC cartridges.


TurntablesWe at Kuzma Ltd. have been studying the theory and practise of analogue playback since 1975“, states the Kuzma website. “[We are] continually extracting more information from what is nowadays called an inferior medium. There is no known limit to the extent of recoverable information compared to the limits of digital playback. This makes analogue replay closer to the human ear and brain.


KUZMA  MC cartridge CAR- 20 – First review in HIFI PLUS #110 ( April 2014)
Roy Gregory  finishes first review of Kuzma  CAR-20  cartridge ( their entry level) in HIFI+ magazine  with these words:  ” ……once heard, nothing else at the price is going to come close.”



Purist Audio Designtest

Purist Audio Design performs extensive research and testing that gets down to the heart and soul of a product. At this most basic, yet extremely crucial level is the raw materials. By using only precious metals and alloys for the conductors, Purist Audio Design is able to create the ultimate in sonic quality and audio performance. Utilizing industry-leading techniques and incorporating well balanced componentry, Purist Audio Design continues to raise the bar one cable at a time.

Purist Audio Design performs extensive research and testing that gets down to the heart and soul of a product. At this most basic, yet extremely crucial, level is the raw materials. The first key was the choice of precious metals and alloys to be used for the conductors. We look at not only capacitance, inductance, and resistance, but also magnetic fields. That is why we use alloys for our conductors, rather than simple copper or silver alone for the ultimate in sonic quality and performance. Purist Audio Design also looks at the dielectric as well as shielding. We like to think we have the most advanced shielding in the industry. Purist Audio Design products are outstanding at operating with minimal interference such as RF (Radio Frequency) and EMI/EMF (Electromagnetic Interference and Fields).

Looking at competitors advertisements, most of them concentrate on a single selling point or ploy. For example, you will hear that a product has an ultra-low capacitance. Well you can’t stop there. Purist Audio Design designs its products looking at many aspects.

Purist Audio Design uses material treatment techniques that are industry-leading. Procedures that manufacturers are using today, have been in use for years by Purist Audio Design. So we had to raise the bar yet again with the treatment that we currently use, Cryomag®.

Many competitors will try to appeal to customers by concentrating on one point of their product, which sometimes is functionless. You will sometimes also see flashy presentation when it comes to their packaging. We don’t sell boxes, we sell audio products. You are buying what is in the box, and there simply is no match for a Purist Audio Design product. Why don’t you see much advertising by Purist Audio Design? Simply because the products advertise themselves.

Vibraplane Platformtest

The Vibraplane Platform provides vibration isolation and sets the standard for quality and performance that is unmatched in the high end audio industry. Completely customizable, the Vibraplane is incomparable to any other vibration isolation product. With a Vibraplane, sound will no longer be at risk of becoming blurred or dull from speaker or external vibrations, providing a listening experience that is completely natural.

The Vibraplane platform provides a level of performance yet unmatched (or heard) in the high-end audio industry. After 22 years the Vibraplane has found no equal. The vibrations from your speakers, as well as external vibrations add “jitter” and distort the wave forms creating a duller, blurrier sound.

Structural vibration in the floor can cause resonant frequencies in support frames and shelving to vibrate.. Moreover, when music blasts from your speakers, the vibrations not only hit your ears, but also your stereo equipment. When a turntable is placed on the Vibraplane table, it reduces transient smearing and increases the resolution level of the component through reduction of the components’ noise floor. It also improves localization of instruments and creates wider and deeper sound-staging. These same effects are heard when a CD transport is placed on the Vibraplane.


Clark Johnson says it best with the following excerpts from his reviews:

“You don’t know what you have, until you have a Vibraplane! So immense be its consequence, I cannot imagine better, but who knows?”

“Vibraplane heard under LP is a jaw-dropping experience; Insert a Vibraplane and several distinct sonic effects occur, while the musicians are heard interacting more closely with each other, picking up cues tighter, etc. It’s all in the timing! “

“The Vibraplane can be collapsed, and then raised again, by a switch on the air pump. That change happens before our eyes twice, and there can be no doubting: With the turntable sitting on an un-airborne hunk of heavy metal placed on a slab of granite on the floor, the sound is discombobulated and uninvolving, ugly even. With the base pumped up — We’re in Heaven! “