Kuzma Turntables and Tonearms

Kuzma Stabi XL
Slovenia-based Kuzma Ltd. is a respected turntable and tonearm manufacturer. Kuzma tables run the gamut (four turntables, three tonearms) from the $25,780 – $30,395 Kuzma Stabi XL variations down to the $2,156 Stabi S table. Kuzma now also offers 4 MC cartridges.

TurntablesWe at Kuzma Ltd. have been studying the theory and practise of analogue playback since 1975“, states the Kuzma website. “[We are] continually extracting more information from what is nowadays called an inferior medium. There is no known limit to the extent of recoverable information compared to the limits of digital playback. This makes analogue replay closer to the human ear and brain.

KUZMA  MC cartridge CAR- 20 – First review in HIFI PLUS #110 ( April 2014)
Roy Gregory  finishes first review of Kuzma  CAR-20  cartridge ( their entry level) in HIFI+ magazine  with these words:  ” ……once heard, nothing else at the price is going to come close.”


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