The Vibraplane Platform provides vibration isolation and sets the standard for quality and performance that is unmatched in the high end audio industry. Completely customizable, the Vibraplane is incomparable to any other vibration isolation product. With a Vibraplane, sound will no longer be at risk of becoming blurred or dull from speaker or external vibrations, providing a listening experience that is completely natural.

The Vibraplane platform provides a level of performance yet unmatched (or heard) in the high-end audio industry. After 22 years the Vibraplane has found no equal. The vibrations from your speakers, as well as external vibrations add “jitter” and distort the wave forms creating a duller, blurrier sound.

Structural vibration in the floor can cause resonant frequencies in support frames and shelving to vibrate.. Moreover, when music blasts from your speakers, the vibrations not only hit your ears, but also your stereo equipment. When a turntable is placed on the Vibraplane table, it reduces transient smearing and increases the resolution level of the component through reduction of the components’ noise floor. It also improves localization of instruments and creates wider and deeper sound-staging. These same effects are heard when a CD transport is placed on the Vibraplane.

Clark Johnson says it best with the following excerpts from his reviews:

“You don’t know what you have, until you have a Vibraplane! So immense be its consequence, I cannot imagine better, but who knows?”

“Vibraplane heard under LP is a jaw-dropping experience; Insert a Vibraplane and several distinct sonic effects occur, while the musicians are heard interacting more closely with each other, picking up cues tighter, etc. It’s all in the timing! “

“The Vibraplane can be collapsed, and then raised again, by a switch on the air pump. That change happens before our eyes twice, and there can be no doubting: With the turntable sitting on an un-airborne hunk of heavy metal placed on a slab of granite on the floor, the sound is discombobulated and uninvolving, ugly even. With the base pumped up — We’re in Heaven! “

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19 thoughts on “Vibraplane Platform

  1. The Vibraplane is a must have, I don’t consider it an accessory but as a mandatory piece of equipment!

  2. HI there, I am in serious need of something to place under my Clearaudio Concept TT w/ the Clearaudio MC cartridge. My two subs are hyper pistoning due to the rumble/ vibration hitting the turntable. IT is horrible and ruining my listening pleasure. What do these Vibraplane Platforms sell for and where can I possibly purchase one? Thank you – Dana 509-200-0839

    1. Hi Dana ~ Sorry I don’t sign-in to WordPress often. The Vibraplanes now sell direct at $2750 plus shipping you can call me direct at 603-888-5105 to discuss.

  3. After 20 years my Vibraplane now has a large leak so that it is not usable. The leak affects the right hand side.

    Are there parts which are user replaceable? If so, what are the cost of the parts?

    1. Are we talking about the standard VP? The shipping weight for one unit is around 91kg so shipping can be $500 – $750

  4. Hi Steve
    may you remember at me.I m Gert-Dietmar Hajda. Years ago I bought the Crown Jewel from you and two vibraplanes
    Would you please be so kind and let me have the weight from the Vibraplane unit
    and get back to me



    1. Sorry for the delay but just checked the site. The weight of the Vibraplane is 150 pounds (or around 68kg)

  5. Just bought my 4th Vibraplane! Can’t thank SOS enough for bringing my system to it’s highest level sonically EVER.

  6. Hi, if you are still in business: would be interessed in purchasing one platform. Could you please send me some details about price, shipping etc. thx, Drazen

    1. Drazen,

      Yes we are still in business after over 30 years! Which model are you interested in? Passive or active? Size? And please tell us what you will be placing on the Vibraplane?

      It looks like you might be located overseas which will make shipping these Vibraplanes VERY expensive.


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