Audiomica Labs   (Demo cables available)         Prices listed are Retail pricing in EUR

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2.5m Miamen speaker cable (spade – spade)   Mod 0.2   SOLD   3800

2.5m Miamen speaker cable (spade – spade) Mod 0.2  SOLD     3800

2.5m Miamen speaker cable (spade – spade) Mod 0.2  SOLD     3800

2m Thasso Consequence phono RCA- DIN   (Latest version)        3410

1.5m TEBE Ultra Ref phono RCA- DIN  (Latest version)               1705

1.5m ALLBIT Consequence ac (M2)    SOLD                                    2550

1.5m ALLBIT Consequence ac (M2)   SOLD                                   2550

1.5m ALLBIT Consequence ac (M2) SOLD                             2550

1.5m ALLBIT Consequence ac (M2)    SOLD                             2550

1.5m ALLBIT Consequence ac (M2)    SOLD                          2550

2 ALLBIT Consequence ac (M2)   SOLD                                      2650

4m Genimedes Ultra Ref speaker cable (banana – banana)          2376

1m RCA Pearl Consequence     Mod 0.1   SOLD                          3190

1.5m RCA Pearl Consequence    SOLD                                            3630

1m XLR Pearl Consequence            Mod 0.2      SOLD                      3190

2m XLR Pearl Consequence              Mod 0.1   SOLD                      4070

2m RCA Pearl Consequence   Mod 0.2   (Latest versionSOLD 4070

2m RCA Europa Ultra Reference  (Latest versionSOLD  2090

2m RCA Alunite Ref Digital 75 Ohm cable  (Latest version)    737

1m RCA Flint Consequence 75 Ohm digital   SOLD    2370

2m Callisto Ultra Ref ac (M 0.2) (Latest version)      2090

2m Callisto Ultra Ref AC (Mod 0.1) SOLD ! (Retails at 1900 Euro)

Have a quick listen to this YouTube from an unbiased customer!


Call SOS for demo pricing 603-759-8323

Demo cables

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6 thoughts on “Audiomica Labs – List updated 1-12-21 (Demo cables available – tap on “continue reading” to see full list) Audiomica announced a price increase as of 1-1-2021

  1. Thanks Steve LOVE my demo Audiomica cables…….beat out my Cardas Clear Beyond as you told me they would.

  2. UNBELIEVABLE these cables I’ve never heard about. Got a few of the interconnects and power cords and has been better than anything I’ve owned over the last 20 years, most which have been significantly more expensive. In one word these cables are MUSICAL. Thanks

  3. I’m now a believer in these cables especially their power cords. Yes only have the Callisto but boy are they clear and FAST!

  4. Initially received a Europa interconnect and found it really brought out detail and a top to bottom extension. Then added the Genimedes Ultra Ref speaker cable and boy was this impressive. BUT it wasn’t until I added several of their Callisto power cords that my system sounded like never before! FULL, DYNAMIC, CLARITY just wow. Love Audiomica cables…..can’t wait to add more power cords to complete my system.

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