2 thoughts on “Colibri Labs “Updated” Electrum Signatures in Santos finish

  1. How do these compare to the book shelf model ELECTRUM S? I’ve listened to the Electrum S and it was very close to full range, just missing the bottom notes of the organ.

  2. Reply from Sinisa Kraljic owner of Colibri Labs

    What are the differences between Electrum and Electrum signatures?
    The Electrum S and signature are exactly the base of the Scan Speak driver and are very similar in design to the crossover.
    Electrum S
    The box is made of MDF and is 15 liters of volume, the parts in the crossover are Mundorf Silver Gold oil in use with the resistor Duelund. The parts were selected by digim testing. in good synergy with other parts.
    Electrum S has a homogeneous and very uniform sound, its details are stopped in a large sound view …. the recommended listening size is 20 to 30 m2 … the recommended distance from the back wall is 120 cm to 150 cm.

    Electrum Signature
    Made without compromise, the box is a hybrid of MDF and aluminum, each box weighs 70 kg and is very rigid and vibration-free … Electrum Signature uses the best switch parts, carefully selected and tested over the last 15 years..for the heart is chosen Duelund and Jupiter parts that allow all harmonics to be transformed to listeners, Signatures are hand-crafted wires that perfectly convey every emotion so important in music …
    In conclusion, which is better? …. no winner, every model from Colibri labs has its own sounds as such and will have split opinions and different customers.

    Electrum Signature is state-of-the-art from Colibri labs

    Sinisa Kraljic

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