In 2020, Mr. Sugano Jr. resumed the production of the acclaimed Koetsu step-up transformer due to repeated requests from customers. If you hear it matched with the Koetsu range of cartridges, it is easy to understand why there was so much demand for this hand-made supremely crafted transformer. Explore the full sonic potential of your Koetsu MC Phono Cartridge with this high-quality Japanese made transformer which delivers gain with high-efficiency energy, naturalism and purity. By reducing signal loss with low internal resistance, this transformer supplies the gain to the preamplifier that MC cartridges need to produce clear, open, airy, nuanced, and detailed sonics all the while lessening noise and grain.

Housed in a sleek aluminum chassis and designed for use with all Koetsu phono cartridges, the Japanese-built Step-Up Transformer delivers 26dB of clean gain. The stunningly low-noise floor allows you to appreciate nuanced details far back in the soundstage, elevating the act of listening to music to an entirely new level of discernment. This 2-pound component is the gateway to a transformative analog experience.

Frequency Range: 20Hz- 50KHz
Frequency Response: ±3dB
Gain: 26dB
Open Impedance: 10K ohm or more
DC Resistance: Input: 4.5 ohms
Output: 132 ohms
Insultation Resistance: 100M ohms or more at DC250V
Dimensions (WHD): 5.51″ x 2.83″ x 6.10″
Weight: 2 lbs.

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