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This is a turntable that will help you extract as much information form the grooves as possible, in our opinion the best turntable we have heard thus far. 


Turntable / motor drive unit
Base JIS 0 class granite surface plate base
Platter Air float 27 kg High inertia stainless steel platter
Drive system Quartz-follow No feedback motor drive XFD method
Rotation transmission method Yarn drive (four-fiber aramid)
Drive motor DC coreless low noise motor
Rotation speed 33 1/3 and 45 rpm Switch switching With rotation fine adjustment
Speed accuracy ±0.3%
Wow and flutter Wow 0.2% , Flutter 0.04% less
Power supply AC100/120/200/240V 50,60Hz
Power consumption 40W
Weight / Size
Base 40kg/358×358×120
Platter 27kg/φ344×43
Motor drive unit 8kg/130×358×120
Accessories AC power cable , two drive yarns , Φ4air tube
Options Pump Unit POU1 , Base plate BPL1 , Swing arm Attachment SAA , Linear arm Attachment LAA1
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Warranty period 5 years (excluding consumables) registration is required

Available for private demonstration on request. Full details on the CS Port website

4 thoughts on “From the Land Of The Rising Sun. The CS Port TAT1M2 Air Float turntable arrived today, all 238 pounds! With the help of a friend got everything set-up only thing left to do is set-up the cartridge then let the music play.

  1. Just spent 2 hrs listening to this wonderful table. Never have I ever heard such beautiful tunes played on an analog set-up before. Yeah it’s out of my price range but this is what dreams are made of.

  2. So unbelievable the sound of this table/arm combo. Made tears come to my eyes literally. Beautiful. I’m saving up for this don’t care how long it takes I’ll have one someday.

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