“The PA-10s deliver a rock concert into your living room.”

“Like the biblical hero depicted in Florence, Italy’s famous David statue by Michelangelo, the diminutive PA-10 is angular and elegant, but capable of bringing down a giant or two by slinging notes with speed, precision, and wallop.”

“I listen to music and take in HD movies with newfound wonder and satisfaction”

“Rich in detail, tone and clarity, Gold Note PA-10s deliver it with aplomb, weight, tone, and grip. It’s altogether lovely.”

Concluding Thoughts …….. “If you are interested in delivering graceful, articulate, big sound with plenty of slam, but without the big, ostentatious boxes often associated with monoblocks, a pair of Gold Note PA-10s are an excellent choice. Like a Ferrari, the PA-10s corner well with speed, precision, and accuracy—as well as style and panache. And when it’s time to put the hammer down, zero to 60, it does that well, too! With the Gold Note PA-10s, you get a low noise floor, understated designer elegance, and smooth, balanced power to spare. Bottom line, with a MSRP of $1699 each or $3398 a pair, they’re a steal. I would highly recommend them.”

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1 thought on “Positive Feedback review: Viva Italiano! Gold Note PA-10 Amplifiers Combine Elegance with Smooth Power

  1. I love this piece! It has taken my system to a new level and soon may try them in mono’s once funds have been replenished. Truly a bargain at it’s asking price.

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