S.I.N. Audio is a very small boutique brand founded in Bulgaria in 2011 by Nikolay Kozev. S.I.N. Audio produces all types of cables but currently now only makes power cords, their specialty! Why electricity? SIN Audio (and SOS) passionately believes that when it comes to changes in the quality of the sound, the correct power cables and power distributors are of fundamental importance and far more important than any other audio cable in one’s system.

Unfortunately, this conviction has not yet established itself among many hi-fi / high-end friends/consumers. Correct power is without a doubt required in achieving the actual goal of natural musicality in one’s system.

S.I.N. Audio believes that electricity is the real foundation for a high-end audio system. Power cords, sockets, plugs and power conditioners … they really play the crucial role.

After a large number of listening tests, S.I.N. Audio came to the conclusion that any type of active current treatment (filtering, regeneration, etc.) negatively affects the sound by restricting dynamics, impulse energy and the natural flow of music. The only way to eliminate vibrations, EMI and RFI is to use carefully selected materials, the best possible components, and a sophisticated and technically perfect assembly technique.

S.I.N. AUDIO calls this “Silent Background Magnetic Technology” or SBMT. This technology is why most audiophiles who have listened to a SIN audio power conditioner no longer want to be without it and describe the sonic result as the most natural and enjoyable that has happened to them.

Upon S.I.N. Audios 10th anniversary they have developed the PSD-10 as a limited “Anniversary Edition”. An SBMT core was installed inside, on the basis of which the already high performance could be raised to an even higher level.

SOS’s current PSD-6 Carbon Edition has been the best line conditioner we have heard in over 30 years, we can’t wait to get our hands (and ears) on the new PSD 10th Anniversary Edition.     

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  1. Steve don’t know how SIN does it but with it in your system it makes me dream of owning one some day. Best listening session I’ve ever been in.

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