So when I ordered the latest SIN PSD 10 Anniversary Edition unit Nikolay told me “it’s in another universe” well I would hope so given the small fortune I was about to spend on yet another PSD unit. Yes Nikolay was always right on the last 2 units I bought and have been using for several years now, they were simple splendid. Looking from the outside this 10 Anniversary unit is large & HEAVY! Over 26 pounds! The carbon workmanship is outstanding and all the Furutech NCF outlets and grounding lug are first rate. I now I took out my PSD 6 Special Edition and replaced it with the 10 Anniversary Edition. First thought was “OH what did I do, spent all this $$$$$$ and yes heard a bit blacker soundstage but not a whole lot more. Well, I only had 15 minutes to listen initially then had to leave for my golf league. The next day I left my studio at 6am for another long day of golf up north with some friends which was a perfect day of golf on a tough course, but it was the first day here in NH of 80+ degrees. Summer is just around the corner. Now the unit has been burning-in for 2+ days and I sat down for my first real listening session. Wow, first thing I noticed is the tonality of instruments just seem spot on. Guitars seem more like guitars, pianos more like a real piano and voices have now so much inflection in them. Instruments are coming out of a VERY black background, and they just float in space all through the soundstage and in a more 3D presentation. The PSD 10 Anniversary is reproducing the proper proportions and realism of music itself and it has a wealth of decaying sounds never before heard in recording I’m so familiar with. It’s also about improving the projection and palpability of the virtual sound stage by lowering the amount of noise in the soundstage and about hearing a more coherent presentation. OK yes it was worth the $$$$$ but your whole electrical system has to be up to the task and I have to say without the addition of an SGS (Signal Ground Solution) Pinnacle 4 grounding box, this may not be for everyone. Just giving my honest feedback and telling it like it is. Well done my good friend Nikolay!

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  1. I heard this in Steve’s system the other day and what a difference it has made. I always loved the sound of his system, one of the best I’ve heard but now it is just WOW. You never think something can sound better but then again hearing is believing.

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