Our Class D project has been in the works since 2017. Our goal was to expand on the positive attributes our existing amplifiers, which have been getting great reviews and awards in the high end press for the last 30 years. So we felt we were in a good position to know if the goal was achieved. The result is a solid state amp that has all the smoothness in the mids and highs that you expect from an excellent tube amp but with considerably lower distortion, output impedance and obviously higher efficiency. Like our other amps, this one has a very nice first watt! 

The Class D is a monoblock design based on GaNFET output devices and accepts both single-ended and balanced inputs. The circuit is entirely our own design and manufacture- it does not use anyone else’s modules. The power supply employs a toroidal power transformer and has over-current protection to keep the amplifier safe in case of a short at the speaker terminals.

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1 thought on “Atmasphere Class D amps arrive at SOS

  1. Thanks for letting me hear these amps. Very clean and quick but the midrange is a bit too laid back. I prefer my AB amps in my system. But still very nice.

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