Just back from the Bricasti factory picking-up several new M19 transports! You will never know how a CD can sound unless you hear it thru the M19. Just WOW

Model 19 Reference Disk Player

Simplicity is the highest goal

The M19 is an SACD/CD transport, refreshingly simple to operate and dedicated solely to the goal of uncompromising performance. The design of the M19 follows simplicity in all aspects, one that would have no need for additional processing, like upsampling, no DAC, no digital inputs or USB to support, all of which complicate the user experience when you just want to put a disk in and play it, and will complicate the digital design as well. All aspects were done in keeping faithful to the original mastered media; to guarantee that no additional processing would be introduced, to yield a clear and clean rendering of the highest order.

From Part Time Audiphile: Day Two with Brian Hunter | CAF 2023

One of my first stops was Bricasti Design in room 828 to see the new M19 SACD Transport ($10k). A movie soundtrack playing straight from Redbook CD was spinning as I entered the room, and the impact and depth of the music was striking. The huge dynamics and vivid texture was undoubtedly helped along by Bricasti’s M28 Special Mono’s and a pair of Tidal Audio speakers also included in the rig. It does feel as if CD is seeing a bit of a resurgence in the past few years, with several reputable hi-fi companies coming out with some serious high-end interpretations of the fading media format. As I asked opinions throughout the weekend, responses were very polarizing – much to my surprise. As with many things in audio land, it is all about implementation. I have heard ESS SABRE silicone sing and scream. I’ve seen tubestages breathe life into music and fall into a sloppy mess. The good news here is that the Bricasti M19 felt tight, natural, and refined. An almost “gotcha” moment for the room’s exhibitor for any skeptics of small, silver spinning discs.

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  1. I wasn’t a believer in how a CD transport could sound better than streaming but I now am. Once heard this thing is amazing sounding. I’m saving my dollars and will buy one in 2024
    Thanks Steve for the demo.

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