Multi-Axis Vibration Isolation Feet

Enhance music clarity with Carbide Base multi-axis vibration isolation feet placed under your audio equipment.

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These isolation devices are larger and heavier than usual–while they’re too big for very small components, they are ideal for placing under loudspeakers of all sizes and weights. The Carbide Bases can be optimized for the weight of the component through the use of colored viscoelastic rings–which can stand up to gear that weighs hundreds of pounds. Diamond version, which replaces the stainless steel bearings with ceramic ones, and adds a Diamond PVD coating to the ball bearing raceways, cost $599 each. A Reviewers Choice was awarded to the Carbide Bases, one of 2024’s Best Hi-Fi accessories.

Carbide Base Audio Isolation Feet

Vibrations induced from loudspeakers can turn the surfaces of a room into unwanted delayed sound radiating sources. Vibrations can also induce noise in the output of sensitive electronics such as turntables.

The patent pending design of our Carbide Base audio isolation feet control and isolate these vibrations in all six degrees of freedom when placed under your audio electronics and loudspeakers.

Now installed on our Franco Serblin Ktema speakers!

A wonderful overall improvemnt in sound quality. 🙂

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