Jerome Sabbagh, Kenny Barron, Joe Martin, Johnathan Blake

New album just released & received! Outstanding!

The Standard and Numbered Editions both feature AAA 180g Vinyl, cut by Bernie Grundman and pressed at Gotta Groove. The numbered version is limited to 500 foil stamped copies.

Latest review found here:  review of “Vintage” in Audiophilia  They including “Vintage” in the Audiophilia Dream List:

“With “Vintage”, Sabbagh has propelled himself to the front rank of young tenor players before the public. He’s a fine composer and a superb player. And like all great musicians, he knows how to surround himself with excellence.

The recording is from Audiophile Demo Land. Warm, detailed, great bass from Barron’s left hand, plucky string bass and splashy-as-hell cymbals all with a focused Van Gelder-style recording. No higher praise from me. And always present, Sabbagh’s ethereal sound floating above, slightly left.

Recorded all analog […] Mastering by Bernie Grundman and pressed at Gotta Groove on 180g vinyl. My copy was flat and the vinyl was silent.”

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