“…..if everything is ordered, if we are satisfied with the sound of our turntable and if we have cleaned the record, the IME1 will be a valuable addition to our system. The crackling noises (small rather than large ones) that it modifies, do not have a strong attack with it, seem quieter and perhaps even smoother. They are normally sharp, but after the ionizer has been used, their attack seems blunter and muffled, which results in more pleasant sound.

It was interesting that the effect was clearer with newer, rather than older albums. The Jazz Greats Volume III • Giant of Jazz Reeds-Part I released in 1955 by EmArcy features the archive recordings of such jazz giants as Lester Young, Ben Webster and Coleman Hawkins. The first two tracks, performed by Young, come from a recording session that took place on December 28th 1943. The sound is typical for such a type of a recording – firm, fleshy, but also distanced and without a clear foreground. After the IME1 was turned on, the whole recording was a little clearer and more “unambiguous”, as if the needle had read more information.”

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