With a linear tracking arm that floats on a cushion of air, the AFU1-2 moves smoothly sideways via a cushion of air. The air also absorbs all unwanted external noise and vibrations.

AFU1-2’s concept

• 1.0 kg in weight to reduce micro-motion

• Light and smooth movement with less than 0.1g of air float

Absorbs unwanted vibration and external noise with an air film of 0.01mm

• Traced in a straight line on the same trajectory as the cutting machine.

The AFU1-2 was developed with the above concept in mind, it traces precisely from the outside to the inside of the record.

Sonically it is marvelous. Very transparent and quick and do we say “airy” sounding? 😊

Come hear the AFU1-2 on the CS Port TAT1M2 table, we think you will be amazed! We are.

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