Air floating and linear tracking make for the ideal pickup. Moves sideways smoothly with air. Air film absorbs micro vibrations and external noise.

Ideal sound pickup

A record has more than 600 sound grooves of 120μ wide, with irregular spacing depending on the size of the signal. That is why the tone arm is required to move lightly and smoothly to the next sound groove, eliminating micro vibrations and picking up only the signal engraved on the record.

The AFU1-2, with its air floating structure, traces the sound groove with a non-servo force of less than 0.1g. Furthermore, the 0.01mm air film absorbs micro vibrations and external noise to achieve a high level of quietness. In addition, the linear tracking method provides ideal pick up that eliminates tracking errors between the outer and inner circumference in the same trajectory as record cutting.

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1 thought on “CS Port Linear Arm AFU1 arriving at SOS by months end

  1. Hey Steve looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the CS Port linear tracker vs your Saphir arm. Should be a great shoot-out! Keep all posted, please.

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