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Our own Kuzma Stabi R with Safir arm and MSL Platinum Signature cartridge

Give SOS a call and come hear what a tonearm can do! We have been amazed and we think you will be as well……………..

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2 thoughts on “Kuzma SAFIR 9 Tonearm review in HiFi+

  1. Have heard this setup many times prior to this new arm and while always really enjoyed system now with this new Kuzma Safir arm it’s hard to explain how EVERYTHING has improved sonically. There is just more feeling to the music, more details, more energy. After a 3 hr listening session that seemed like 30 minutes I just might get back into analog

  2. Don’t know what is making this system SING but I’m sure the Safir tonearm has a lot to do with it. One of the best systems I’ve EVER heard EVER

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