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Record cleaning is a topic which can spark off some lively discussions among vinyl lovers. Some believe in it, some swear by it and some are definitely sceptical. I am definitely a believer and own a well-regarded record cleaner which has served me well for a few years. A thing of beauty it is not however, and it sits on a shelf in our office/study, to be used every so often when the mood takes me and I spend a morning in the rituals of cleaning. Once I have cleaned a record for the first time I slip into a new antistatic inner sleeve. It is a mystery to me why some record companies still ship their product in a coarse paper inner sleeve.

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2 thoughts on “Latest review of Keith Monks Prodigy RCM 2-2021

  1. Have been using my prodigy for several months and very pleased with results. Thanks for recommending this to me.

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