My M12 now has been updated with dual ports, an I2S super-performance to be used with the new Bricasti M19 transport and also an Ethernet connection for streaming. Took about 1-1/2 hours to complete, see attached video of the CNC machine at work at the Bricasti factory. A HUGE thank you goes out to Joe and all the guys & gals at the factory, they are the BEST!

With the new IS2 connection the music now gains in the inner detail, and it sounds spotlessly clean with lots of space making the stage wide and deep combined with a beautiful powerful and layered soundstage. Yes, this with an Audiomica Andra Reference Ethernet cable in place of the suppled IS2 cable. From my understanding an IS2 cable should be short and well shielded, which the Audiomica cable is.

The M19 transport has bettered streaming but still falls a bit short vs my analog. But again, this is saying a LOT. I love the M19 to say the least.

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