The overriding comment we hear is that the SoundSmith Hyperion is the finest cartridge we have ever heard/used. Comparative cartridges have included a broad range of top Japanese and German manufactured units. Among the Hyperion’s attributes and stand-out characteristics are its neutral and precise presentation.

The Soundsmith Hyperion MKII-MR cartridge sports “additionally reduced” internal moving mass along with a Micro Ridge stylus. Notably, each Hyperion MR cart is handmade by Soundsmith’s above-noted chief engineer, Peter Ledermann.

Type:• Fixed Coil / Moving Iron
Mount:• Standard ½”
Stylus:• Micro-Ridge, 0.08 mm square
Radius of Curvature:• Selected Optimized Contour Contact Line
Cantilever:• Hand formed/treated selected Cactus “Spine”
Recommended Tracking Force:• 1.8 – 2.2 g
Effective Tip Mass:• 0.30 mg
Compliance:• 10 μm/mN
Frequence Response:• 20 – 20,000 Hz ± 1.0 dB
Channel Separation @ 1000 Hz:• > 36 dB
• N/A (Mono version)
Channel Separation @ 50 – 15,000 Hz:• > 25 dB
• N/A (Mono version)
Channel Difference:• < 0.5 dB
• < 1.0 dB (Mono version)
Output Voltage @ 5cm/sec:• > 0.40 mV
DC Resistance (DCR):• 10Ω
Coil Inductance per channel:• 2.75 mH
Suggested Preamp Gain:• 58 – 64 dB
Cartridge Weight:• 12.2 g (ES series)
Recommended Load Resistance:• ≥ 470Ω
Recommended Load Capacitance:• n/a

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