Phono Equalizer Amplifier C3EQM2

Tube type phono equalizer amplifier with super reliable tube C3g. Plate load resistance is 15 kΩ. The heater voltage is suppressed to ensure low noise. Battery operated and completely separated from the AC line. Amplifies to the level required by the preamplifier without adding anything extra.

Equipped with C3g

Equipped with the ultra-reliable C3g, developed by Deutsche Telekom for telephone repeaters. The thin grid lines and large distance between electrodes enable high linearity amplification. The C3g is soldered directly onto the board to reduce noise at the contact point.

Battery powered

Current distortion and electromagnetic noise can enter through the AC line. This product is powered by a large nickel-metal hydride battery and is completely isolated from the AC line. Therefore, it amplifies to the level required by the preamp without adding anything extra.

・Battery run time: 5 Hours (Optionally 9 Hours)

・Battery charging time: 4 Hours (Optionally 8 Hours)

Compatible with MC/MM

One MC and two MM cartridges are also supported, three inputs in total. By adding an external MC transformer, the MM channels can be used for MC cartridges.

Also arriving their Static Eliminator IME1

Minimizes the effects of electrostatic charges and static electricity on vinyl record to make analog more vivid.

CS Port MC Step-up

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