It sits just below the Diamon version and just above our “standard” version Carbide-Base footers.   The difference from the Diamond version is the absence of our TwinDamp™ high-damping alloy and the bearing raceways that the bearings roll in.

The Sapphire raceways are formed from a hardened high-carbon steel. After 8 stages of polishing, the raceways are coated with a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) PVD coating combined with a special alloy. Finally, the raceways are cryogenic tempered to relieve internal stresses and improve toughness.

The result is an exceptionally hard, smooth, and low friction bearing rolling surface which is surpassed only by the PVD Diamond coated ceramic raceways on the Diamond version.

Carbide Base Sapphire is available for $399 USD each. The Sapphire Insert is now available for $129 USD each to upgrade the standard version to the Sapphire version.”

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2 thoughts on “Carbide Audio has just announced “Introducing Carbide Base Sapphire”. Carbide Base Sapphire is the result of our continuing research into ball bearing vibration isolators for audio.

  1. We recently upgraded our own “standard” Carbide Basee Footers to the new Sapphire inserts and here is what we found: It delivered a richness of detail that I didn’t get with the regular Base footers also it now has more apparent power and dynamics and better “flow” to the music. Music now has more three dimensional and just sounds more “real” and on live recordings the acoustic signature of the room in which it was recorded is now better understood and heard.
    Just a few examples:
    Domination by Peace Orchestra – Snap & clarity WOW, stage depth is deeper now
    Wandering by Yosi Horikava (not music you would normally listen to but has some great sound effects. Listen to the song BUBBLES. The clarity of the size and number of marbles you hear has increased so much, so easy to tell not only the size of the marbles but the number of marbles hitting the floor. (Have a listen to see what I mean).
    Just wonderful and now thinking I should have upgarded to the “diamond” inserts!
    Owner / SOS

  2. Pretty impressive after having Steve install them under my ART speakers from the UK. Improvements were heard immediately. Thanks Steve
    Jim Bianco

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