The Keith Monks Prodigy leaves LPs looking and sounding very clean. Cleaning time per LP is somewhere between 8 to 10 minutes. Although a bit slower in operation, the Prodigy delivers excellent results that are fully comparable in every way to Keith Monks’s full-size RCMs. For those willing to pay more, Keith Monks also offers the discOvery Redux model (£2,995) which provides faster, quieter operation, and more automation. However, the Prodigy costs a more wallet-friendly $1295 and looks more domestically appealing; it does a great job at a great price and comes highly recommended!

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1 thought on “1-2022 HiFi+ Review of the Keith Monks Audio Works Prodigy Record Cleaning machine

  1. Have been using my Prodigy for 3 months now and it does as claimed, clean records superbly with little hassle. Takes less than 5 minutes per record and Joyce a record is cleaned I hear blacker backgrounds with less noise.
    Thanks Keith Monks!

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