The top-of-the-range Audiomica Flint Consequence digital cable offers an above-average realistic message, based mainly on holographically presented space.

The Consequence series is the flagship, and therefore the highest positioned in the offer of the Audiomica Laboratory brand. Its products are characterized by the most advanced design and the highest quality materials, used not only for the production of guides, but also insulators, not to mention the poles. This series uses the highest purity 7N OCC copper conductors and TPFE dielectrics, as well as extensive shielding systems. According to these assumptions, a digital interconnect flint consequence was also built.

An extensive shielding system, consisting of as many as six different layers, tightly enveding the entire length of the signal conductive core, proved crucial. It looks like the central solid core core, insulated with a fairly thick layer of flexible TPFE dielectric jacket, is encased in the first layer of the screen in the form of aluminum foil, covering 100 percent of the guide surface. The first screen is closed with the second screen on 90. percent of the surface. This time the screen is a copper braid made of thin copper threads. Then again we have an identical aluminum screen, again closed by a copper braid coat, but with a lower density – which in effect gives 70 percent opacity over the entire surface.

The whole is again insulated, but this time dielectric in the form of a PVC jacket. Then, as the last three layers, two copper braid screens were applied, covered with a white nylon mesh already visible from the outside.

Flint Consequence can be purchased either with RCA and BNC plugs, or in a mixed system, where there is an RCA plug at one end and BNC at the other end. The Flint Premium version also features a DFSS filter consisting of two ferrite cores, encased in an acoustics points POM-C AP50TM antistatic body made of polyoxymethylene copolymer.


Flint Consequence offers an authentic and above-average realistic message, based mainly on holographically presented space, but also faithfully reproduced dynamics while maintaining a equally distributed, throughout the reproduced frequency band, tonal balance. This digital interconnect combines the characteristics of a reference design that, in the case of perfectly ripped systems, will act as a connecting element for individual audio components, without the slightest damage to sound quality. The price of this cable, although not small, is fully justified.

Verdict: Audiomica Flint Consequence

  • Sound quality
  • Quality / Price
  • Execution
  • Capabilities

Pros: Made of the highest quality components. True sound, realistic with holographic space and freely rendered dynamics. Perfectly balanced over the entire frequency range.

Cons: At this price there is no.

Total: Flint Consequence works best in high-end ripped systems, where we are looking for additional reserves in the presented space and the most faithful representation of all technical aspects of sound.

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