SGS is a small company located in Scotland. They have been quietly researching and developing grounding technology for the past 5 years. In a soft launch in 2017 they brought the SGS1 Signature to market. The SGS1 Signature is the smaller more affordable device yet punches way above its weight, rewarding the listener with a sense of ease and musical flow whilst uncovering numerous additional dimensions for the listener, ultimately delivering a deeper clarity of sound. Expressions such a ‘lowering of the noise floor’ ‘expansion of the sound scape’ and ‘increased nuances and timbre of the instruments’ are some of the testaments being given by SGS clients.

We at Sounds Of Silence decided to try the Zebrano initially and once heard we could not listen without. Call SOS and arrange an in-home demo of one of the SGS units.

Zebrano in SOS system
Zebrano in SOS clients system. Once heard it stayed and we had to order another unit!

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2 thoughts on “Signal Ground Solution – Let’s GET GROUNDED!!

  1. Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t heard it myself but this thing REALLY works. I heard more 3D imaging and real life sounds than ever before. This will be my next purchase for sure.

  2. Another believer once heard. I don’t understand how this works but EVERYTHING is just better! Cleaner, quieter and more life like.

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