Keith Monks releases new Prodigy Record Cleaning machine!test

Keith Monks is Celebrating 50 years of the Record Cleaning Machine with the world’s first Threadless point suction cleaner.
Jonathan Monks, the son of the founder Keith Monks has a new threadless Record Cleaning Machine called the Prodigy that is available for sale. The Prodigy has successfully completed five months of beta testing and fine-tuning of production.

Available in early December at Sounds Of Silence…call for more details!

NCF Clear Line by Furutech (*new item released 9-2020)test

First review:


It takes just a moment to hear the difference that Furutech’s NCF Clear Line can make to your audio or video system. Why just a moment? Furutech’s Nano Crystal² Formula, also known as NCF, has resulted in a number of truly innovative and effective products over the past few years. NCF features a special crystalline material that has two distinct properties—it generates negative ions that eliminate static, and it converts thermal energy into far infrared. When combined with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder, these crystals become the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material. Created by Furutech, NCF is found exclusively in Furutech products and nowhere else. Now, Furutech has introduced perhaps the simplest way to implement NCF technology into your home—NCF Clear Line. NCF Clear Line is an audio grade AC optimizer, small enough to hold in your hand, that instantly enhances the quality of your power supply. Simply plug the NCF Clear Line into any vacant receptacle on either a power distributor or wall outlet. For best effect, use the NCF Clear Line on the same AC line/supply as your system, preferably at a receptacle adjacent to your system. It only takes a moment to hear the improvement in the sound. You won’t have to switch back and forth repeatedly in order to “discover” an improvement. It’s right there. You’ll immediately notice improvements in the depth and focus of the sound stage, harmonics and tonal balance with NCF. Low frequencies are cleaner, with a greater sense of definition made possible by a lowered noise floor. Then unplug the NCF Clear Line from the power receptacle. You’ll immediately miss those sonic improvements. You’ll want them back. In home theater applications, you will also hear these same distinct results. Just as importantly, you’ll see the difference in your video quality. All you need to do is plug the NCF Clear Line into your home entertainment system and the improvements will be instantly noticeable. Sharper. Clearer. Yet more natural and easy on the eyes. It only takes a moment to take your listening or viewing experience to the next level with Furutech’s NCF Clear Line. Find out for yourself. – Improves resolution, focus and 3-dimensionality of performance – Helps eliminate noise – Improves resolution, depth and dynamism of images and video – Carbon fiber shell with superior damping properties – All conductor parts rhodium plated and treated with Furutech’s Alpha Process Furutech’s Two-Stage Cryogenic and Demagnetization Alpha Process Using cutting-edge technology and materials, Furutech developed a low-temperature two-stage process that significantly improves every facet of audio and video performance. The treatment begins during the manufacturing process with a deep, conditioning cryogenic freeze of all metal parts. Using high-end refrigerants — liquid N2 or He — Furutech achieves temperatures of between -196 to -250?. The treated parts change their molecular structure at these extremes of temperature, relieving internal stress. The molecules bond together more tightly and the overall structure becomes more stable. This improves electrical conductivity and therefore power and signal transfer. Step two in the Alpha Process exposes these same parts to the patented Ring Demagnetization treatment. Ordinary high-power magnets used for this purpose often increase magnetic effects; they leave some areas more magnetized than others. This patented process uses controlled attenuation to completely eliminate magnetization for more vivid and colorful improvements to sound and picture quality. Ring Demagnetization further enhances conductivity of all treated materials. ALL metallic parts used in Furutech products go through the Alpha Process treatment to keep all connectors, conductors, and metal parts in a perfect stress-free, stable, and highly conductive state. Technologies: 1. The NCF Clear Line body is formed with nylon and glass fiber incorporating nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their additional “Piezo Effect” damping properties. As well as Furutech’s NCF (Nano Crystal² Formula) which eliminates static, “interconverts” thermal, mechanical, and electrical energy and damps vibrations. 2. Furutech’s NCF Clear Line uses enameled “?(Alpha)-OCC Air Coil” passive wire coils with proportional inductor and current sizes to improve power quality and system sound performance. Each ?(Alpha)-OCC Air Coil in the NCF Clear Line has been designed to complement the performance enhancing characteristics of Furutech’s unique NCF (Nano Crystal Formula) anti-static and resonance damping material. The material and design of each of the ?(Alpha)-OCC Air Coil were decided on after countless tests with coil wind length being used to literally tune the sound performance of the device. The results, Furutech’s NCF Clear Line will eliminate noise, remove static and improve the overall quality of your power, taking the performance of your system to the next level. 3. The NCF Clear Line body and housing are secured with special T10 tamper-proof stainless-steel screws and washers. Factory tightened to the optimal torque value for best sound performance. 4. The NCF Clear Line housing lining ring has been formed from special resonance damping Nylon and Furutech’s NCF material and the barrel housing constructed of 4 layers of Furutech’s hybrid NCF carbon fiber ? Outer layer – Special hardened clear coating ? NCF & special texture Carbon Fiber particle composite ? NCF & 3K Carbon Fiber ? Inner layer – NCF Nylon resin insulation 5. The internal air chamber is pressure sealed to for additional damping effects 6. The NCF End Cover is formed from special heat resistant nylon and Furutech ‘s NCF material with molded channels to increase the surface area of the NCF material by 76% for improved effectiveness – ultimate resonance damping for improved tonal balance. Features and Materials: 1. The special T10 tamper-proof stainless steel self-tapping screws and washers 2. NCF (multi-material hybrid structure): NCF formulated nylon resin (Body). ? (Alpha) Pure-Copper Rhodium-plated Conductor 3. Coils: ? (Alpha)-OCC conductor enameled wire; outer layer coated with polyurethane western paint, and then sprayed with a special acrylic paint. 4. NCF (multi-material hybrid structure) insulation plate: Anti-static and resonance suppressing qualities. 5. Housing: NCF formulated nylon resin and special texture carbon fiber housing, incorporating a special nylon resin insulation ring. The best of damping and insulation materials improve frequency extension and tonal balance. ? Use directly in AC output sockets to actively improve cycle frequency. ? Enhance the clarity of musical performance and stereoscopic sound field. ? Helps reduce noise. ? Improve the depth of the picture and improve three-dimensionality and dynamism of video playback. ? Carbon fiber shell with excellent mechanical vibration suppressing properties. All conductive parts are rhodium plated and have undergone the Alpha Process. Specifications Outward size: L 88.4 X W39.5 mm approx. Net Weight: 69 g approx. Suggested burn in time 24 hrs

Positive Feedback review: Viva Italiano! Gold Note PA-10 Amplifiers Combine Elegance with Smooth Powertest

“The PA-10s deliver a rock concert into your living room.”

“Like the biblical hero depicted in Florence, Italy’s famous David statue by Michelangelo, the diminutive PA-10 is angular and elegant, but capable of bringing down a giant or two by slinging notes with speed, precision, and wallop.”

“I listen to music and take in HD movies with newfound wonder and satisfaction”

“Rich in detail, tone and clarity, Gold Note PA-10s deliver it with aplomb, weight, tone, and grip. It’s altogether lovely.”

Concluding Thoughts …….. “If you are interested in delivering graceful, articulate, big sound with plenty of slam, but without the big, ostentatious boxes often associated with monoblocks, a pair of Gold Note PA-10s are an excellent choice. Like a Ferrari, the PA-10s corner well with speed, precision, and accuracy—as well as style and panache. And when it’s time to put the hammer down, zero to 60, it does that well, too! With the Gold Note PA-10s, you get a low noise floor, understated designer elegance, and smooth, balanced power to spare. Bottom line, with a MSRP of $1699 each or $3398 a pair, they’re a steal. I would highly recommend them.”

Kirmuss Audio Ultrasonic Record Cleaner now “cleaning” at SOS!test

“After the last wash cycle, Dr. Kirmuss polished the record with a microfiber cloth and slipped it into a clean sleeve. Off I trotted back to the Monitor Audio-Roksan room. Brown and I examined the record — it looked brand new. Glossy, clean, and basically perfect. We slammed it back on the Xerxes 20 and the record was dead silent. Zero ticks or pops, no more skips, and now there was top end — the highs returned, Albert Collins’s Telecaster regained that nasty attack, those biting overtones. I could hear the extension, spaciousness, and textural definition that I knew the Shiraz could extract out of a record’s grooves.”


“Best of all, when I played [a Kirmuss-cleaned record]–holy crap! The top end was fully restored, the backgrounds were superquiet, transients were sharpened, and the amount of inner detail–particularly the microdynamic shifts in Pete Townshend’s rhythm guitar strums–produced an almost new listening experience. That’s not hype.”


“We’ve been cleaning records for a long, long time. What makes the Kirmuss stand out above the rest is twofold. First, it’s cost effective. Second, it does an incredible job.”


“Billed as a “record restoration” device rather than strictly a record cleaner … you’ll be rewarded with a more spacious soundstage and truer intrumental timbre.”


The Kirmuss Audio Model Ka-Rc-1: Revolutionize Record Cleaning

A patented and patents pending record suspension system assures that records of any speed and size see their grooves cleaned SAFELY. No damage to the record by mechanical intrusion of skewers and the like.

The initial de-grease bath is distilled water with a maximum of 40 mL (1.4 oz) of ISA (Isopropyl) 70% solution. (Please note, check the label and ensure there are no other ingredients.) In its subsequent cycles, it applies a PVC-friendly, water-soluble, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-static surfactant to the record aimed at removing accumulated surface contaminants present from other cleaning systems. This is applied to the record by way of a supplied goat hair brush.

Ultrasonics need a surfactant to aid in the cavitation of the water solution to better clean and remove contaminants. The Kirmuss process allows you to actually see when the record is clean and restored. 

As the surfactant is brushed onto the record, a decrease of the appearance of a toothpaste-like substance validates the effectiveness of the system: removing fungus, contaminants, as well as agents applied in prior cleaning methods and systems.

Download the HiFi World Review

Why Clean Records?

No matter how you store and use your records they inevitably will require maintenance. When playing records, dust particles and contaminants build up on the stylus as the tone arm moves across the record. This accumulation on the needle dulls the sound, and also, those dreaded pops and crackles are caused by dirt, grime, and particles lodged in the record grooves being hit by the needle, as well as static discharges, all amplified by the cartridge. All are annoying! Even new and latest pressings are subject to the same conditions as your old collection. Release agents are found on the record as a residue from the pressing process and must be removed prior to use, otherwise they attract dust other airborne contaminants at an alarming rate. Heat generated by the contact of the stylus with the record will cause micro-dust particles to lodge in the grooves. Regular cleanings are recommended as continual maintenance and care of your records which in turn will reduce those unwanted pops and augment your listening pleasure. Cleaning will not remove unwanted sounds caused by scratches on the record’s surface, and depending on the age and condition of the record, even repeated cleanings may or may not restore the record to like-new condition. In some cases it will not remove the pops and crackles which are a result of playing a new record that has not been subject to a cleaning, but it will reduce the overall undesirable effect previously described.

Audiomica Labs – List updated 9-1-20 (Demo cables available – tap on “continue reading” to see full list)


Audiomica Labs   (Demo cables available)                    Retail pricing in EUR

2.5m Miamen speaker cable (spade – spade)   Mod 0.2   SOLD   3800

2.5m Miamen speaker cable (spade – spade) Mod 0.2  SOLD     3800

2.5m Miamen speaker cable (spade – spade) Mod 0.2  SOLD     3800

2m Thasso Consequence phono RCA- DIN   (Latest version)        3100

1.5m TEBE Ultra Ref phono RCA- DIN  (Latest version)               1550

1.5m ALLBIT Consequence ac (M2)    SOLD                                    2550

1.5m ALLBIT Consequence ac (M2)   SOLD                                   2550

1.5m ALLBIT Consequence ac (M2) SOLD                             2550

1.5m ALLBIT Consequence ac (M2)    SOLD                             2550

1.5m ALLBIT Consequence ac (M2)    SOLD                          2550

2 ALLBIT Consequence ac (M2)   SOLD                                      2650

4m Genimedes Ultra Ref speaker cable (banana – banana)          2160

1m RCA Pearl Consequence     Mod 0.1                                            2900

1.5m RCA Pearl Consequence    SOLD                                                3700

1m XLR Pearl Consequence            Mod 0.2      SOLD                      2900

2m XLR Pearl Consequence              Mod 0.1   SOLD                      3700

2m RCA Pearl Consequence   Mod 0.2    (Latest version)             3700

2m RCA Alunite Ref Digital 75 Ohm cable  (Latest version)    670

1m RCA Flint Consequence 75 Ohm digital   (Sold)       2370

2 Callisto Ultra Ref ac (M 0.2) (Latest version)                      1900

2m Callisto Ultra Ref (Mod 0.1) just took out of my system will sell for $600 ! (Retails at 1900 Euro)

Have a quick listen to this YouTube from an unbiased customer!


Call SOS for demo pricing 603-759-8323

Demo cables

Update to the coronavirus situation (COVID-19) at SOStest


We would like to inform you about the development and measures taken by our company Sounds Of Silence.

  • -Goods that have already been ordered can only be picked up by appointment and we ensure the necessary hygiene measures and the social distancing guidelines.

  • -We assure you that existing orders will continue to be processed with great care. We do not expect delivery issues, but there will be some delays.

  • -Procurement and logistics are sometimes difficult, and the associated costs are sometimes not justifiable. Each case is assessed individually by us.

Stay healthy and we look forward to your continued support and by all means enjoy the music!  Finally we wanted to send our support and sympathies to the families affected by the Corona virus.


Be safe,

Steven Klein


Sounds Of Silence

New Top-Line Furutech Power Distributor GTO-D2 R NCF just announcedtest

Furutech is coming out (available around end of April 2020) with an exceptionally well-made Top-Line Power Distributor that makes use of 2 of the GTX DR NCF AC receptacles, the GTX frames for them, and the 106 NCF covers. It is called the GTO-D2 R NCF. These new distributors are housed in an attractive and hefty black-painted aluminum enclosure that uses the FI-06R NCF AC chassis inlet and Furutech solid-core OFC copper internal wiring. It is a 15A-rated unit and it is gorgeous. Of course, this power distributor goes through the full Furutech Alpha Process that includes their Cryogenic and demagnetizing treatments for the best possible performance. It is priced at $1200 retail. This new power distributor gives everyone who has wanted Top-Tier Furutech performance in the past, but were dissuaded by pricing that was out of their reach, a chance to now buy a unit that offers virtually all of the performance of the most expensive Furutech Power Distributors, but at a much more affordable price. 

Call Sounds Of Silence for more details.

Bricasti M25 Dual Mono Stereo amp reviewtest

Bricasti M25 dual-mono stereo amplifier

The M25 ($18,000) belongs to the “big and heavy” family. It therefore requires a crate of Red Bull to place this enormous beast, weighing 110 + pounds in its resting place. The construction quality stands out as being cost no object, must be seen in person too fully realize its beauty. Yes. really phenomenal and no need to hide this piece somewhere behind a wall. You can hardly believe it, but in now in 2020 the Bricasti M25 serves as an extension of our ego. Is it not logical that equipment is primarily intended to display music? The M25 is a model of simplicity. There are two inputs (XLR and RCA) although XLR is clearly the better sounding. There is a RS422 port which is intended for the factory only. Powering up this colossal high-power machine requires a specific sequence with two standby modes. The button with the largest diameter facilitates the arrival of the power and lets you know through a fast flashing LED. A small button can be used to start a sequence that ultimately results in sound from the reproducers. The first click will put the amplifier in a second standby mode, with important circuits staying at operating temperature (slow flashing red light) and the second click activating the output relay (permanent red light). A small button can be used to start a sequence that ultimately results in sound from the speakers. The first click will put the amplifier in a second standby, with important circuits staying at operating temperature (slow flashing red light) and the second click activating the output relay (permanent red light). 

The M25 dual mono stereo amp can be controlled directly from a DAC if so required, as in Bricasti’s own M1SE. The M25 power amplifier also has an adjustable input sensitivity (trim) which should only be used by a qualified technician. While listening there is a direct control from the DAC, but also from a very neutral external preamplifier, here at Sounds Of Silence we use the exceptional Bricasti M12 source controller which of course made it possible to listen to vinyl. The M25 delivers 150 watts in a 8-ohm, 300W into 4 ohms, 600W into 2 ohms and has a bandwidth of 10Hz to 150,000Hz within 0.5dB. Technically speaking, the entire Bricasti chain is built up “fully differential”. 

As stated previously the M25 shows a fabulous build quality and comes with extremely easy operation and connectivity. The sound image is distinguished by a huge quality, but also with a clear and precise character. The phenomenal spaciousness and spot on images are top notch. The sound has a very or very slightly warm character and the top end offers extended drive, bite and speed that instruments actually have in real life. The layering is excellent, and the middle frequencies is where this amplifier excels in my opinion. Apart from the qualities described here, the whole set naturally contributes to a large extent to the well-known pride of ownership this piece will bring to the table. Every visitor that has seen this beast were massively triggered by the looks & luxury. Well done Bricasti and HAPPY LISTENING.

12/2019 Official product launch of GOLD NOTE — PA-10 amplifiertest

It is with great pleasure that Gold Note announces the launch of a new Gold Note product: the PA-10 Power Amplifier!
We are very happy to finally let everybody build a complete High-End audio system with our series 10 products. After the multi-awarded phono stage PH-10 and the most advanced DAC DS-10, the power amplifier represents the missing link to immense musical pleasure. Just add a pair of speakers and press play!

The PA-10 is small but powerful stereo power amplifier capable of delivering a power rate of 75W per channel @ 8 Ohm that can be increased to a considerable 600W @ 4Ohm when used in mono (Bridge-Tied-Load).
Among its useful functions is also the possibility to adjust the damping factor for an ideal matching of the amplifier with your loudspeakers and the GN LINK technology that puts the PA-10 in Master-Slave-Mode with other units with the same feature.

The Bricasti M12 Dual Mono Source Controller now in-house ——- WOW!test

The new M12 Dual Mono Source Controller is an elegant solution to combine a host of digital inputs types as well as balanced and unbalanced analog sources. Once connected to the M12, your system is commanded with the ease of a precise analog level control to seamlessly integrate into one product, your source controller.

The M12 builds upon the proven design of the M1 SE D/A converter so your digital sources are handled and converted in the best way. To that end Bricasti has added a pure dual mono analog signal path with high resolution analog gain and level control, controlling the output stage of the D/A converter in the analog domain with no loss of resolution and pass thru analog inputs for analog sources. Like the M1, the M12 is a dual mono design with 3 power supplies and separate left and right analog power supplies and digital and analog processing.

A stand-out feature for the M12 is a network interface. This allows the M12 to be seen as a DNLA device on an audio network and server as an audio device to play or stream to.

All analog, precise, silent control with 90db of control range in one db steps, all remote controlled and programmable. The M12 is a digital controlled fully balanced dual mono resistor ladder is as good as level can be, and inserted at the source, at the output of the DAC’s I-V stage. This approach provides some of the best digital playback possible and analog control from the M12 balanced or unbalanced inputs.

Balanced and unbalanced analog inputs create line amp stage for the M12 for those using a phono stage or any other source. Fully balanced and a perfect match for any of the Bricasti amplifiers like the world class M28 power amps or the M15 amp or even the new M25 stereo amp. The M12 provides true balanced source control to drive any power amp.

Come by for a listen at Sounds Of Silence we think you will be amazed…we were!